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It’s Not How You Stand By Your Car - November 2014 Hole Shot

And it's not always how you race your car either—it's how you drive it!

Oct 1, 2014

And it's not always how you race your car either—it's how you drive your car! This month's issue hits close to home because I'm an advocate of not leaving a project car locked up in a garage. It's probably because I'm too poor to afford multiple rides—one day I'll have a GT-R, STI, M3, 911 and Ferrari parked at my mansion! But for right now, our team has a dialed-in, supercharged FR-S that I get to regularly enjoy on the open road. After all, if you've invested so much time and money into a build, shouldn't it be driven? This is why I got nothin' but respect for the Bernardo Pena's slammed GT-R on our cover. When it debuted at AutoCon LA, I was quick to judge, "Oh just another stanced trailer queen that will get towed to every show." But I was proven wrong the moment I saw it ripping around corners on Angeles Crest Highway during Targa Trophy. Which brings me to rallies...

This issue showcases two of them—Targa Trophy and Gumball 3000. Before participating in both, I had my assumptions just like you: "It's a bunch of exotics cars weaving in and out of traffic with rich guys who don't give a fuck." After running my fourth Targa Trophy rally, that assumption is far from true. I love the lifestyle, community and concept behind them. An experience like Targa is based on using all the performance mods we've installed into our cars. It's about enjoying the thrill of driving and not simply hardparking. Don't get me wrong; I got nothing but love for the show stoppers, but personally nothing puts a bigger smile on my face than the feeling I get behind the wheel of a car my friends and I built. And driving it with a group of other modified cars makes it that much sweeter. I've made some incredible friends on Targa Trophy and it's introduced me to a lifestyle I hope you have the opportunity to experience—not to mention the parties are crackin' and the girls are hot!

While Targa is a place to enjoy the driving experience, Gumball 3000 is a different animal. It's based on a road rally, but it takes on a glitz and glamour approach. You can read about my adventure on p. 90, but let's just say, I'm still grinning from ear to ear. Gumball was definitely one of those things to knock off the bucket list, and I can't complain having accomplished it in a 700hp Lexus IS that every Ferrari and Lamborghini owner didn't see coming!

Sam Du

What the Tech?
After several months away, we're bringing back tech features in the mag! To reignite the flame this issue, we've got a sweet suspension update to our Scion FR-S. Plus, we've inherited a project car from Import Tuner.

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Sam Du
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