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Things Are About To Get Very Nos-Ty - Intel

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Apr 1, 2008
130_0804_01_z+intel+super_lap_battle Photo 1/4   |   Things Are About To Get Very Nos-Ty - Intel

A couple issues back, we made a very special announcement hinting at an equally special promotion with NOS Energy Drink for your enjoyment: a limited edition, double-sided poster (poster to the right is not the actual poster, boo) featuring the new NOS Energy Drink girls, one on each side. We're pleased to announce that after weeks of deliberation, NOS Energy Drink has made its final selections and would like to introduce you to your two new pretend best friends, the 2008 NOS Energy Drink Bettys: Alicia Whitten and Corissa Furr. This ultra-exclusive poster will come as an added bonus in the May '08 issue in all newsstand copies-and keep in mind, we want you to take funny photos with the girls and submit them in exchange for cool prizes (full details in next month's issue). Sorry subscribers, this means you will have to hit your local stores to get your hands on these lovely gals. Literally.

Super Lap Battle
kicks off in the lbc
Listen up: it's time for some racing. If you're in Southern California the weekend of April 17th through the 20th, make your way down to the Long Beach Grand Prix, where you can catch our Super Lap Battle All-Stars alongside Formula Drift's Team Drift exhibition. See last year's fastest race teams-like Evasive Motorsports, 5Zigen and more-battle it out for the fastest lap time.

Formula D Promoting
Safety First for 2008 Drifting's an exciting but dangerous sport that requires attention to safety. Formula D recognizes this and has made it a key upgrade to its '08 rulebook that requires drifters to upgrade their driving suits and minimum helmet requirements, updated rollcage specs (eliminating all bolt-in cages) and revised fire standards.

Word On The Street
Vaughn Gittin, JR. Breakin' Fools Off Again at D1 Finals
Our long time bro'sef and good buddy, Vaughn "Don't call me JR; call me Vaughn Gittin, Jr." Gittin, Jr. performed a repeat performance of his '06 USA versus Japan win at the D1 finals last winter at the Irwindale Speedway. The huge win came after Team Orange's master of drift, Nobushige Kumakubo, tapped Vaughn Jr.'s Falken-sponsored Mustang, giving him a 10-0 advantage; all he needed to do in the second run was make a clean pass. And that he did, giving the U.S. the championship title once again.

Top Ten
Honda Chassis Codes

10. FD2 - '07-current Civic Type R sedan
09. E-AT/E-AS - '84-87 Civic Si hatchback/'84-87 CRX Si
08. DB8 - '94-01 Integra sedan
07. DA6 - '90-93 Integra coupe
06. EK9 - '96-00 Civic Type R hatchback
05. EG6 - '92-95 Civic SiR hatchback
04. DC5 - '02-current Integra Type R
03. AP1 (2.0L)/AP2 (2.2L) - 00-03/'04- current S2000
02. EF8/EF9 - '88-91 CRX/Civic SiR hatchback
01. DC2R - '96-01 Integra Type R

130_0804_02_z+intel+i_dtec_engine Photo 2/4   |   Things Are About To Get Very Nos-Ty - Intel

I-DTEC Coming To The Us In 2009
Although this probably won't be the Honda engine of choice to swap in initially, Honda's clean diesel i-DTEC will be placed into select vehicles for the 2009 season. It's going to reduce emissions while promoting power and fuel efficiency. Of course, give the Honda geeks some time to figure out the technology and we're sure a lot of good's going to come out of it. Has anybody seen what some diesel powered trucks are doing these days? Source:

130_0804_04_z+intel+release_series_5_xb Photo 3/4   |   Things Are About To Get Very Nos-Ty - Intel

xB Release Series 5.0
This release of the Scion xB will already be on showroom floors by the time you read this, but the 5.0 Release Series of the popular second-gen box comes as a limited production model, featuring Gold Rush Mica paint, a KenStyle body kit, limited wheel covers and a first for the xB: a moonroof. Only 2,500 of these will be released at a slight premium over the standard xB. Make sure you cop one if you're looking for an extra fresh xB straight out the box (pun intended).

130_0804_03_z+intel+tetsu Photo 4/4   |   Things Are About To Get Very Nos-Ty - Intel

Tetsu's Tales
(This month, I am acting.) My name is 2008 Civic Type-R sedan; please call me FD2. My engine is K20A which can make 225ps. My older brother, '01 Civic Type R EP3 has K20A but it only make 215ps. Do you think I am slower than Integra Type-R and old Civic Type-R because my body is sedan? The answer is NO. Many professional race car drivers test me in any race tracks and I am faster than Integra Type-R and old Civic Type-R. I have engine starter button, six-speed transmission, R-spec seats can make you feel like being race car driver. i-VTEC/rev indicator tells you when camshaft start to change high cam shaft from low cam shaft and tell you when you need to shift up for making max power. It is like GT race car. In fact, I am triplet. Another two brothers graduated Mugen. One brother's name is Mugen RR. Another one's name is Mugen RC. Mugen RR has many Mugen parts, like body kit, engine parts, interior parts. Mugen RR is faster than me because his engine can make 240 ps. That's why he is expensive. I am 2,835,000 yen.

(about $27,000 U.S.). Mugen RR is 4,777,500 yen (about $45,000 U.S.). Mugen RR is limited car and sold only 300 cars last year. I think he is top FF car. One of Super Street editor, Terence was shooting Mugen RR at Mugen. You will see Mugen RR later on this magazine.

Mugen RC is completed race car for racing. It has race spec engine, interior, brakes and tires; price is 7,822,500 yen (about $74,000 U.S.).You can take part in the race if you bought it.

You don't need to build car for racing because it is completed race car. It is hard to visit to your country because I am living in Japan and DMV cannot give me license plate and my suspension set up is no good for the streets in USA. I can't drink any gas at the gas station in USA. I can drink only Japanese high octane gas. My two cousins are living in USA now. One is Civic Si. Another one is Mugen Civic Si. I know Civic Si is different with me because Si is adapt any American situation, like gas, octane and road condition. Si is my cousin and related by blood. I think Si has many tuning plans much more me. I think I can say Mugen Si is Mugen RR's brother because Mugen RR's engineer developed Mugen Si. They tested Mugen Si in Japan and USA. Civic Si and Mugen Si are not different with me and Mugen RR. They are our cousins.

Oh! Let me introduce my father. My father is Civic 1200 RS 1974. It has 1200cc motor with CV twin carburetor with 5-speed transmission which can make 76 ps. Civic CVCC 1974 can make 63 ps. Plus 10 ps! That's why Civic RS is my father. RS stands for "road sailing." Many people missed me in USA because 5Zigen brought the race car version of me to Super Lap Battle last year. It was the chance to see real Civic Type-R in USA. 5Zigen CEO, Mr. Kinoshita said 5Zigen Civic Type-R would come back to Super Lap Battle in 2008. If you want to see me, come to Buttonwillow in November. You can make a model of 5Zigen Civic Type-R sedan for modifying your Civic Si
Tetsuya Ogushi



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