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Usual Suspects - March 2009

Contributors And Unsavory Characters

Mar 1, 2009
130_0903_03_z+usual_suspects+tetsu Photo 1/5   |   Usual Suspects - March 2009

Like Roel, our main man Tetsu has been pretty busy this year, concentrating on his duties as a US Embassy driver. While he has admitted to several soap land visits on a weekly basis during his lifetime, he still does enjoy the car life and managed to scoot himself over to an Ita-Sha show and the annual Toyota Festival to show us what those wacky kids are up to these days.

130_0903_05_z+usual_suspects+terence_patrick Photo 2/5   |   Usual Suspects - March 2009

Terence Patrick
We love that Terence loves shooting women more than cars, so we find it particularly amusing and not shocking whatsoever whenever we offer them as an assignment. This month he teams up with one of our favs, Lisa Fleming, before she jet sets off to Singapore again. Say, Lis, when are you taking us with you?

130_0903_06_z+usual_suspects+roel_concepcion Photo 3/5   |   Usual Suspects - March 2009

Roel Concepcion
For the past few issues, the line went silent whenever we tried to contact Roel on the bat-line, or as he now refers to it as the Pac-line-of course, referring to the reigning world champ, Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao. That's because he's been hanging with the Mexicutioner, Freddy Roach and Buboy, training for the big fight with De La Hoya and showing them the sights of LA during his off-time. Now that Pacman is the victor, Ro's decided it's time he can do normal things again, like poop with his door open and write stories for us. Welcome home, son!

130_0903_07_z+usual_suspects+nate_hassler Photo 4/5   |   Usual Suspects - March 2009

Nate Hassler
Nate is a new face 'round these parts and is one of Sean's homies from the Northwest who came down for the Red Bull World Drift Championship to help shoot in the clearest and cleanest weather LA's had in years. We are totally kidding, though. Bad conditions, excellent photos, we say.

130_0903_08_z+usual_suspects+henry_dekuyper Photo 5/5   |   Usual Suspects - March 2009

Henry Dekuyper
The always-adorable Henry Z. DeKuyper strikes again, this time hitting the great East Coast to find us this month's candy-flavored Evo MR. Sources close to us say that the H-man will be returning to Japan soon to lay a heavy smackdown on the ladies, something we would not expect less from the man with a serious yellow fever.



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