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Scion IQ, Formula D and More - Intel July 2009

Top Story: Jtuned Comes Back In Living Color!

Jul 1, 2009
Sstp_0907_01_z+intel+test_car Photo 1/7   |   Scion IQ, Formula D and More - Intel July 2009

We know that you come to Super Street for your monthly dose of hot imports, pure performance and the hottest girls that turn our heads, but we also have some exclusive content online, including outtakes from most of our photoshoots and stories/videos you won't see anywhere else except on We also have a re-vamped forum for you to stay in touch with like-minded enthusiasts and of course, check out our staff blogs for the weird and random things only the Internet can provide.

Sstp_0907_06_z+intel+tetsu Photo 2/7   |   Scion IQ, Formula D and More - Intel July 2009

Tetsu's Tales
Straight Outta J-Pan. Engrish From Our Man In Japan. Read If You Dare.
Scion unveiled Scion IQ Concept at the 2009 New York International Auto Show. Scion IQ is Toyota IQ in Japan. IQ is small car and the size of IQ is almost same as Japanese K-cars. But the width of IQ is more than Japanese K-cars. Scion IQ have 1.3L four-cylinder DOHC motor but Japanese Toyota IQ have 1.0L three cylinder DOHC motor. I think Scion IQ's motor is same as Japanese Vitz (Yaris) motor. Japanese Vitz have 1.0L, 1.3L and 1.5L motor as you can choose.

I think Scion IQ's rival car is Smart Fortwo. Mercedes-Benz's engineer developed Smart Fortwo which have 1.0L three-cylinder motor on rear-engine rear-wheel-drive layout. IQ have front-engine front-drive layout. IQ and Smart are small car but they don't skimp safety equipments.

Sstp_0907_04_z+intel+jtuned Photo 3/7   |   Scion IQ, Formula D and More - Intel July 2009

So, this is Super Street magazine. We care about what tuning plan for IQ and Smart. Few days ago, I found the tuned Smart on YouTube. That tuned Smart is faster than Ferrari and it is drifting, That tuned Smart has Suzuki GSX-R 1000cc motor-cycle motor with ATV's differential. One shop in UK is selling GSX-R motor swap kit (include GSX-R motor) for Smart Fortwo and price is about $12,600 USD. This shop in UK has plan for selling the swap kit in USA. Smart Fortwo's stock motor makes 70hp. GSX-R's motor (UK spec) makes about 190hp. Umm, that sounds like danger but I want to drive the Smart with GSX-R motor and pass the rich people's Ferrari.

OK, back to the IQ. What is the tuning plan for Scion IQ? Scion IQ concept at the New York Auto show had Five Axis body kit, Five Axis rims with Yokohama tires and TEIN coilovers. At the Tokyo Auto Salon there were turbo kit, supercharger kit, coilovers, and exhaust systems for Toyota IQ. I think Japanese tuning parts companies will sell the tuning parts for Scion IQ in USA when Scion will start to sell IQ. I think it is so hard to swap GSX-R motor on IQ but it is possible to swap another four cylinder Toyota motor on IQ (1ZZ or 2ZZ). Some rumors from Japanese car magazines say Toyota have some plans for selling another types of cars with IQ's chassis. Convertible, sport coupe, electric vehicle etc... IQ is lightweight and is strong weapon in tuning scene. Any tuning parts for small cars is cheaper than the tuning parts for big cars. Will it be becoming popular tuning small cars (A-spec or B-spec cars) in USA?

Sstp_0907_12_z+intel+charles Photo 4/7   |   Scion IQ, Formula D and More - Intel July 2009

Ghetto Spaghetti...
Charles trieu
Fast And Ferocious Is A Hit!
Just when I thought the compact performance scene was fading away, Fast and Furious comes in and says `hell no it isn't'. To tell you the truth, I haven't even seen the movie or any of the three prior ones. I just thought it'd probably be more irritating than enjoyable. But I am glad this last one is here.

F&F has made more money at the box office than any other movie this year. And it's the highest grossing movie in the month of April ever. Wow, that definitely indicates that there are a lot of people still into cars.

Even though some of the auto manufacturers are giving us lame cars, aftermarket parts manufacturers are disappearing, and small speed shops have all gone online, guys like you and me are still around tuning our cars. Well at least it means that people still want to see the cars. A bit of job security for me too, maybe. For me it's not just a job, hobby or fad. I can't get tired of this stuff, and I'd hate for it to be a trend just dwindling away.

Classic Super Street
Ten years ago, Steph Papadakis had hair, and it was bleached blonde! Along with that image we brought you images of the Import Auto Salon. Yes that event was a wannabe Tokyo Auto Salon, but it was a good idea nonetheless.

Back then we also ran an article on how to swap a SR20DET into an S13. Yes, we did that way back then. And you thought we were behind the times. Looks who's so `2000 and late' now.

Sstp_0907_09_z+intel+civic Photo 5/7   |   Scion IQ, Formula D and More - Intel July 2009

New Websites
Falken Tires
North America
Falken Tire announces the release of their redesigned North American website. Complete emphasis was placed on a thorough user experience through current events, visuals, and multimedia. The Pro-Fit guide will still be incorporated, allowing you to locate direct and upsized wheel and tire fitments, throughout Falken product line. Web content also includes favorite Formula Drift drivers and spokesmodels through with event photography, streaming videos, and personal biographies.Source:

Spec TV
At Spec Clutch's full media content website, users can upload and view video of all sorts of enthusiast-oriented clips. To kick things off, Spec is going to pick one video clip as a winner, which ends up getting a full Spec clutch and flywheel kit. All you need to do is log on, upload a clip of your car in action (preferably putting the beatdown on a domestic), and why you deserve to win.

Blitz Performance
North America
In case you haven't been able to get onto Blitz's website and don't know how to use that little thing called Google it's because Blitz changed their website from to Yes, it's quite a bit to type out, but this is one of the better manufacturer's sites out there.

P.S. Sean if there is any car that is not on the list feel free to add them. Lots of cars huh?

Sstp_0907_14_z+intel+wwjd Photo 6/7   |   Scion IQ, Formula D and More - Intel July 2009

Sean Klingelhoefer
You've got questions, I've got answers! Hit me up online at w/subject "WWJD" or snail mail me at Super Street, ATTN:WWJD, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

Dear Sean (AKA Jesus),
What's up? Nothing much here, first off keep up the good work! I love your section "What Would Jesus Do?" Second, I was wondering if you can help me. I don't know what kind of car I want to get, I've been reading Super Street since early 2007 (and it's a great magazine). I have a list of cars that I like (I'll enclose the list to you). If you can tell me what kind of car I should get for street racing (1/4 mile drag) and drifting I would appreciate it very much. I like that green '96 Honda Civic CX hatch you bought. Hondas are still the best and easy to do stuff with (in my opinion.) I'm wanting to get into racing and maybe even getting my future car in the magazine. I hope this letter gets to you, keep up the good work and good luck with the Honda! I hope to see it more in the magazine.

Ian Troutman
Denver, CO

Sstp_0907_11_z+intel+hatchback Photo 7/7   |   Scion IQ, Formula D and More - Intel July 2009

Ian I'd be very happy to have any of the cars on your list for a first car! Fortunately since you want something that can drift and drag, I was able to eliminate nearly half the field due to their drivetrain configurations. Of the cars you listed I would go with a S14 240SX (trendy, but for good reason). Many of the other cars you listed can be good drifters but are a little more tricky to handle and the cost is a little extravagant for a first-timer (Supra, NSX, RX-7, 350Z etc). Another relatively inexpensive car that would be a great trainer that wasn't on your list is the Mazda Miata. Sure your homies might bash you for having a "girl car" but you can really learn balance and control in one of these inexpensive roadsters. My advice is go with your instinct, but don't pick something too obscure - you have to remember if you plan on using your car you're probably going to break parts... it's a lot easier to find a replacement fender for a 240 than it would be for a GT-R. Just remember to have fun and be safe!



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