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Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

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Aug 1, 2009
Sstp_0908_06_z+intel+subaru Photo 1/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

Top Story: Subaru Spreads The SPT Love
Subaru Releases '09 Spt Line
This past spring, Subaru unveiled its '09 SPT (Subaru Performance Tuning) performance parts line for the WRX and WRX STI models and invited us to Willow Springs to drive both against their stock counterparts, along with their in-house, one-off specialty, the Forester XTI, a 2.5 XT Forester that was converted to STI spec along with a JDM body kit and other STI goods to make it an unsuspecting track killer (wish this could become a production vehicle someday!) For the '09 WRX and WRX STI models, SPT offers up a lip spoiler, shift knob, short shifter, shifter bushing, strut brace, chassis brace and 5D exhaust system while the STI model exclusively also gets Pink springs and lowers the ride height by 10mm. As factory options, WRX and WRX STI owners will get a simple boost in handling or performance with the comfort of knowing you're getting Subaru quality, perfect as a beginning setup or if you're not planning to go balls-out on a build.

Sstp_0908_12_z+intel+sgv Photo 2/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

Just Hit The Eastside In The SGV
Who says we don't love the kids? Super Street and Modified magazines teamed up with Alhambra High School via Pacific Rim Clothing to join the school's annual car show to show kids that fixing up cars can still be a fun hobby in addition to the many complexities of maintaining one's popularity on Facebook and finding a date for prom. Our visit proved that there are a handful of you who do love tuning your Hondas and that the turkey smothered in gravy from the cafeteria is still a beautiful thing.

Uti loungin'
Every year, we connect with UTI's Los Angeles-based (or as it's more technically referred to as Rancho Cucamonga) headquarters at their yearly open-house/car show extravaganza to help get those who are interested in joining the automotive industry going in the right direction. Not only is it educational but it's a great excuse to clean up the ride and come hang with other enthusiasts of all walks, including domestics and lowriders. But for anyone outside of LA, you can visit any one of UTI's many campuses across the country and find out how you can get an edge in this industry as well as motorcyle and marine.Source:

Say what?
"Cars aren't meant to be trailered - they're meant to be driven."Non Fujita talks about building dope looking cars and driving them in our August `99 issue.

Sstp_0908_13_z+intel+tetsu Photo 3/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

Word On The Street
Tetsu's Tales
Straight outta J-pan. Engrish from our man in Japan. Read if you dare.If you liked motorcycle you thought Yamaha is motorcycle company. If you like the band camp (Haha, I like American Pie movie) you thought Yamaha is instrument company. Yamaha is selling the motorcycles, ATV, snowmobile, ships, bicycle, instrument etc. Yamaha built the engines and cars indeed.

Sstp_0908_04_z+intel+datsun Photo 4/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

In 1964,Yamaha and Nissan developed first model of Silvia (CSP311) for Tokyo motor show. But after the Tokyo motor show, Nissan dissolved to make relationship with Yamaha. After that. Yamaha developed few cars which had the DOHC motor.

In 1967, Toyota and Yamaha developed Toyota 2000GT. Toyota 2000GT had six cylinders, DOHC 2000cc motor which made 150ps (US spec of Toyota 2000GT had six cylinders, SOHC 2300cc motor). Before Yamaha made relationship with Toyota, Yamaha started to develop cars.

Sstp_0908_05_z+intel+toyota_gt Photo 5/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

Toyota aimed at Yamaha's know how which can build DOHC motor and sport car. At that time, sport cars were not popular in Japan. Big car company could not concentrate for developing the sport cars in `60s and `70s. I guess that's why Toyota needed Yamaha's helping. After Yamaha and Toyota finished to develop Toyota 2000GT, Yamaha produced Toyota 2000GT with handmade. Toyota 2000GT had wood panel on dashboard was from the know how of Yamaha's instrument. Toyota 2000GT is very famous in the world because Toyota 2000GT was Bond's car in You Only Live Twice in 1967. After Toyota 2000GT, Yamaha helped to develop Toyota's motors; 2T-G (1970) motor for Celica 1600GT and Corolla Levin, and 1G-G (1982) motor for Soarer and Supra.

From 1989 to 1998, Yamaha developed Formula one motor and took part in Formula 1 GP. Tyrrell and Jordan used Yamaha motor. In 2002, Toyota announced Toyota MARK II iR-V, Yamaha Fortuna. Rear emblem said Yamaha Power. This car had Toyota's 1JZ motor with Yamaha's turbo which can make 300ps. This car is limited model and very rare car. The price tag of this car in used car market says over $30,000 USD. Toyota's sedan has Yamaha emblem is very strange for many people who think Yamaha is motorcycle/instruments company. But Yamaha-powered Toyota sedan is very fast. I guess if Toyota would sell Toyota cars which had Yamaha Power emblem and the car is very fast, many people would start to change the mind for Yamaha. Toyota Yaris -Yamaha Power, Scion tC or IQ-Yamaha Power, Lexus IS-Toyota power. I think it make impact. How do you think Mr. Toyota?

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Sstp_0908_01_z+intel+honda_civic Photo 6/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

Ghetto Spaghetti...
Charles Trieu Show Or Go
Show or go? I almost can't tell anymore. Somewhere along the years, show cars have taken a complete 180-degree turn in style. I remember when every show car had to have a reupholstered vinyl interior, 10 amps, 5 subs and lots of polished or chrome parts. Nowadays, show cars are built to the level and style of track cars. The two-tone vinyl seats are now replaced with expensive bucket seats. Money spent on audio electronics are now spent on aftermarket gauge clusters. Useless bolt-in roll bars have been replaced with cages, welded in with gussets. Instead of chroming or polishing a stock engine bay, you see much more swaps, turbos, and ITB kits, installed just merely for show. Sure some will say that their spectacular performance mods are justified by an occasional track day or dyno day. But I don't really care. Whether show cars are actually used or not, I definitely like race-inspired show cars. Well engineered parts just don't go out of style. The neon lights, chrome engines and vinyl seats are what made me try to get out of this scene in the first place.

Classic Super Street
Badass then, badass now! In 1999, not many were building the Nissan 240SX cars. But Non Fujita became a legend after building one of the first sick Kouki S14s stateside. This S14 screamed `JDM' like no one else back then.

Sstp_0908_30_z+intel+puma Photo 7/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

Gumball 3000 And Puma Release Party
At this year's Gumball 3000 kick-off, iD Agency brought the rally promoters together with Puma Motorsports for the release of the Speed Cat 2.9 Mid Gumball edition sneaker at the Santa Monica Promenade Puma store with plenty of industry players to boot. Don't forget, you can special order this very limited release only on but you can buy other Gumball x Puma gear at and various Puma locations, like LA, Las Vegas, Dallas, Orlando and Miami.

`Net News
Rays MSC (Motor Sports Culture) Overseas Website Rays has just released their global site. Instead of going to the Japanese site and not being able to read any of the product details, you can now hit this new site. Check out the newest product catalog, specifications on wheels, topics, motorsports, dealer list and download the Master Digital Product Catalog.

Permatex No Touch
Permatex launches a new site based around their No Touch appearance chemicals line. The new website is designed to be an online destination for a loyal community of No Touch customers who want to share the passion and enthusiasm they have for their vehicles. Register and you can win gift cards or even be in one of their ads.

Sstp_0908_28_z+intel+dynomax Photo 8/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

DynoMax Power Up
Available to the end of August, the Power Up promotion rewards enthusiasts for the purchase of qualifying DynoMax exhaust systems - including the brand-new DynoMax stainless steel cat-back systems. Just check out their site and you can get a $75 off coupon of their exhaust. Less hassle than a KFC internet coupon!


Sstp_0908_24_z+intel+jesus Photo 9/9   |   Subaru SPT Line - Intel August 2009

Sean Klingelhoefer

You've got questions, I've got answers! Hit me up online at w/subject "WWJD" or snail mail me at Super Street, ATTN:WWJD, 6420 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90048

So Many Cars, So Little Time.
This month I'd like to take a break from answering your questions to ask you guys for some advice. As most of you know I'll be slowly turning my EK hatch into a track-oriented vehicle and in doing so I'll need another car to drive. I've been turning over the options in my head and at this point I've come to three standouts and I'd like to hear what you guys have to say.

1. Mitsubishi Lancer Evo X GSR. What can I say, it's a brand new Evo! For the money I don't think you can get a better car anywhere. It's fast, new, rigid, has four doors, tons of tuning capability, smog-legal and looks super mean!

2. Honda Insight. For some reason I really love this car. It looks like a cross between a minivan, a Prius and a FD2 Civic. It's a Honda so you know it's reliable and it's a hybrid - which means killer gas mileage. Plus I could take it places and park it and not have to worry. That means I can enjoy all those things I haven't done in years, like going to see a movie. And don't forget Mugen makes a full line of parts!

3. Toyota Corolla AE86. I still don't know whether I like the hatch or the coupe more, but I love these cars. Tons of mods, amazing body lines and those ever-so-badass old school JDM wheels I could rock! The only downfall I can think of is that I'd probably mod this car just as heavily as the Civic (making it unusable for a daily) and I'm not sure if I want something 10 years older than my current daily.

So there you have it, my troubles. I'll be looking forward to hearing what you guys have to say and I'll be back next month to answer your questions!



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