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VP Racing Fuel Bikini Calendar Shoot and Music Video (w/video)

A company crazy about race gas fuels a new marketing campaign featuring music and scantily-clad models

Toni Avery
Aug 29, 2013

The Details:

  • VP Racing Fuel to launch JC All Stars music video in September
  • Teaser of the video with reel of VP 2014 calendar poster shoot below
  • VP is also offering new additions to the product line

VP Racing Fuel has just announced their new "edgy" marketing campaign in the form of a music video due for release in early September and a 2014 model calendar. Currently, you can view a teaser video full of clips from the yet to be released music video along with a reel featuring behind the scenes action from the recently completed VP 2014 calendar poster photo shoot.

"In marketing VP's brand program, we can adopt a cutting edge attitude and leverage social media in a way that major brands can't follow," said Steve Scheidker, Director of Marketing for VP Racing Fuels. "Through our involvement in motorsports, our existing audience already skews toward a younger demographic and this will carry over to our retail branding program through efforts such as our upcoming music video. This will be to the long-term benefit of our retail brand partners as we cultivate new customers at a young age and hopefully retain them for a lifetime."

VP_Racing_Fuels_Video_003 Photo 2/8   |   VP Racing Fuels Video 003

The marketing campaign is not the only addition new to VP. New revenue streams are being offered to retailers in the form of performance products such as VP101 (street legal unleaded fuel), VP Fuel Cubes (5-gallon pails of VP's off-road racing fuel), 5-gallon motorsports containers and even VP Madditive performance chemicals for street vehicles.

"In the context of our retail brand program, VP stands apart from the major brands and oil refiners, given our historical roots in racing and reputation among performance enthusiasts," said Alan Cerwick, President of VP Racing Fuels. "VP is known for leading-edge fuel technology, 'Makin' Power' and having fun. These videos serve as a great illustration of that last component and a reminder that VP is the only retail brand that could pull it off. Major brands would never get this through their corporate bureaucracies or past their conservative executives and shareholders."

VP_Racing_Fuels_Video_006 Photo 6/8   |   VP Racing Fuels Video 006

An equally important part of VP's retail branding business model is an international plan to reinvest in racing: "Racing is the source of all the brand equity we enjoy and, in fact, the reason we exist at all," said Cerwick. "Racing is and will continue to be the foundation for our branding program. With the success of our branded stores, we can invest in more sponsorships, use those stores to promote our series partners and help racing grow. That creates new race fuel customers and race fans, along with increased awareness among consumers for the VP retail brand. It's a cycle we intend to sustain for a long time to come."

VP_Racing_Fuels_Video_005 Photo 7/8   |   VP Racing Fuels Video 005
VP_Racing_Fuels_Video_002 Photo 8/8   |   VP Racing Fuels Video 002
By Toni Avery
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