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Honda Drag Racing Records - A. Hobbs' Hardline

The Fastest Drag Hondas in the U.S.

Antwaine Hobbs
Sep 20, 2013

Wondering who's at the top of the Honda Drag Racing World? Look no further than the men and women listed below. Continuing from the 2012 drag race season as we reach the midway point of 2013's season, there have been a number of records broken and new racers and teams catapulted to the top of their respective ranks. 99 percent of the The Outlaw Class is still chasing the ever-elusive 7-second pass, and the intensity is at a fever pitch as the upper echelon is closing in.

The Street Front Wheel Drive (SFWD) class is gnawing at the 8.50 range, and Street All Motor continues to push forward, already dipping further into the 9s this year. The Hot-Rod Class has not changed much due to the fact most cars have either been sold, parted-out, or tucked under a car cover waiting for a much-needed challenge. These pioneers and their ultra-fast cars still hold the top spots as the all-out fastest.

The hardline list is comprised of ET's and MPH from various sanctioned events across the U.S., including Import Face-Off, World Cup Finals, and Honda-Day. Some of these events have extensive and stringent tech requirements, and some are minimal. There are no test and tune passes included on the list, only sanctioned events.

(list created June 22nd, 2013)

Hot Rod
1) 6.52 @215 Stephan Papadakis / Acura NSX, 3.3L
2) 7.001@198.8 El Freddy/Import DPS, Civic 3/4 chassis, RWD K-series
3) 7.591@179.46 Jose Besosa/S2King, F-series
4) 7.87@184 Stephanie Eggum / Civic Pro, FWD B-Series
5) 7.97@187 Steve Merman / Civic 3/4 chassis, FWD B-series
Outlaw 26' tires 72mm turbo
1) 7.99@189 James Kempf / Competition Clutch / Speedfactory, Civic B-series PTE7285
2) 8.37@178.68 Chris Miller / CMR / Civic B series PTE7285
3) 8.381@181.25 Tony Palo / T1 Race Development / Integra B series PTE7285
4) 8.47@176 Reid Lunde / Kaizenspeed / Civic H-series PTE 7285
5) 8.65@175 Jonathan Reynolds / Prayoonto Racing / Integra K-series Comp 72mm
SFWD 24.5" tire and 72mm turbos
1) 8.628@178.40 Jonathan Reynolds/Prayoonto Racing/Supertech, Integra K-series Comp 72mm
2) 8.66@179 Cole Marmon/Speedfactory/Vibrant Performance, Civic B-series BW 72mm
3) 8.701@179.40 Chris Miller/SheepeyBuilt, Integra B-series PTE7285
4) 8.72@178 Ricky Silva / CLM Motorsports, Civic B-series, GTX 4502R
5) 8.734@177.88 Rolando Blanco / La Carla/ Dynamic Performance, Civic B-series PTE7280
24.5's tire 67MM Turbo
1) 8.91@170 Juan Rodriguez / CCC Racing, Civic B-series PTE6785
2) 8.98@167 Jeff Evans / Evans Tuning, Integra B-series BW67mm
3) 9.04@159 Antwaine Hobbs / A.Hobbs Racing, Civic B-series FP4294HTA
4) 9.19@165 Morgan Orchard / PFC / Civic B-series PTE6765
5) 9.145@162.74 Billy Bad A$$ / Civic / K-series PTE6768
Street All Motor
1) 9.81@137 Joel Sipes / Speedfactory-Avid Racing, Civic K-Series
2) 9.93@139 Loan Prayoonto / Driveshaftshop, Civic K-Series
3) 9.95@136 Alex Pagan / Humble Performance, Civic K-Series
4) 10.00@134 Jake Gavio / TGR / RSTECH, Civic F2K
5) 10.10@133 Tim Grey /Tim Grey Racing / Civic K-Series
Pro All Motor
1) 8.92@152 Johnathan Reynolds / Clutchmaster, Civic K-Series
2) 8.96@150 Jeremy Lookofsky / Drag Cartel, Civic K-Series
3) 9.08@152 Eric Medina / BC, RSX K-series
4) 9.33@142 David Robert, Civic K-Series
5) 9.33@145 Norris Prayoonto/Prayoonto Racing/Clutch Masters, Insight K-Series

By Antwaine Hobbs
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