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Nissan GT-R VR38 Takumi

Meet the men that build Godzilla's engine

Sep 26, 2013
Photographer: Nissan
1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Four Appointed 45 Photo 1/22   |   1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Four Appointed 45

Nissan GT-R Takumi Details:

  • Term "takumi" means master craftsman
  • Nissan engine factory in Yokohama, Japan
  • Four men appointed as takumi
  • VR38 is hand built

Believe it or not, the term takumi is more than a fictional character tearing up the touge in an underpowered AE86. In Japan, "takumi" refers to a master craftsman one who has been perfecting his or her skills over the years. The Nissan engine factory located in Yokohama, Japan is where four men have been appointed as takumi. These four men have the duty of assembling the engines that power one of the most desired cars in automotive history, the Nissan GT-R.

1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi front engine profile 36 Photo 2/22   |   1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Front Engine Profile 36

These four men are none other than Takumi Kurosawa, Tsunemi Ooyama, Izumi Shioya and Nobumitsu Gozu. Together they share over 100 years of engine building. The four takumi are in charge of hand-crafting each of the GT-R's 545 horsepower twin-turbocharged V-6 engines. Every GT-R comes with an engine that was assembled with precision by one of the four takumi. After the engine has been completed, the master craftsman mounts a plaque with his name on it as a constant reminder of the painstaking work and dedication that was put into the engine.

1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Kurosawa 41 Photo 3/22   |   1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Kurosawa 41
1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Shioya 42 Photo 7/22   |   1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Shioya 42

In honor of these four men, many GT-R owners actually visit the Yokohama factory and meet the takumi responsible for building their engine. Even television talk show host Jay Leno made it a point to visit his designated takumi.

"Yokohama is the plant where our company was established, and we're proud to make Nissan's flagship engine here. It represents the pinnacle of the Nissan brand," said Nobuhiro Ozawa, Yokohama plant manager. "We adhere the nameplates of the takumi who hand-built these engines and put their souls into each one with a sense of responsibility." With nearly eight decades in operation, the Yokohama plant has produced more than 35 million engines, including the VR38 that powers the Godzilla GTR.

1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Takumi Plaque 02 Photo 8/22   |   1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Takumi Plaque 02
1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi completed engines 43 Photo 12/22   |   1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Completed Engines 43
1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Engine Building 46 Photo 19/22   |   1309 Nissan GTR VR38 Takumi Engine Building 46
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