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Swift Springs, Summit Racing, Auto Meter and More - Mod Gear

The latest and greatest parts ready to go.

Oct 10, 2013

Buddy Club

Buddy club ball joints Photo 1/10   |   Buddy Club Ball Joints

S2000 P1 Extended Ball Joints

Buddy Club has released the P1 racing extended ball joint that’s also adjustable thereby allowing a more correct and apt suspension geometry between upper and lower control arms ensuring more predictable roll center. Not only will this particular kit help maintain proper roll center, but it also contains a patent-pending method to adjust camber. Now S2000 owners can quickly and effectively adjust camber at the track.

Auto Meter

Auto meter speedometers Photo 2/10   |   Auto Meter Speedometers

GPS Speedometers

Monitor speed accurately, on or off road with satellite signal technology from Auto Meter. New GPS Rally-Nav speedometers are engineered to interpret data from an included high-speed antenna assembly providing lightning quick response and eliminating the need to ever calibrate the instrument for gearing and tire size changes. In fact, there’s no reason to interact with the transmission or driven wheels at all, resulting in a simplified installation.

Fortune Auto

Fortune auto coilovers Photo 3/10   |   Fortune Auto Coilovers

Dreadnought Series

For the serious racer and performance enthusiast, Fortune Auto’s Dreadnought series of coilovers are the next step up in suspension systems. Assembled in the USA, the coilovers come with a shock dyno graph and assembly certificate outlining the build and desired specs. The 24-step compression and rebound-adjustable dampers feature a five-year warranty and are rebuildable.

DC Sports

DC sports exhaust Photo 4/10   |   DC Sports Exhaust

FR-S/BRZ After-cat Exhaust

DC Sports’ newest exhaust for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ features CNC mandrel-bent T304 stainless steel that’s hand welded. The straight-through muffler core produces a great sound, and the system comes complete with all the hardware for an easy installation.

D2 Racing

D2 racing coilovers Photo 5/10   |   D2 Racing Coilovers

SL-Series Coilovers

SL-Series (Super Low) coilovers from D2 Racing are the first coilovers specifically designed to provide your car with the lowest possible ride height while retaining the benefits of a full coilover system. The all-new SL-Series coilovers feature specially designed mounts; shorter-stroke, 36-way adjustable dampers; and custom spring rates, allowing you to slam your car more than ever before.

Swift Springs

Swing springs Photo 6/10   |   Swing Springs

Swift Metric Coilover Springs

Want to add $1,000 worth of effect to your coilovers? Swift Springs coilover springs feature the widest range of benefits of anything available. The company’s proprietary H5S. TW metal alloy and advanced cold winding process allow the springs to feature a thinner wire diameter with virtually zero drawbacks. This creates a highly durable spring with unmatched lightness along with the widest stroke range on the market. Users can also expect improved spring compliance, rate consistency, response, and accuracy compared with conventional coilover springs.


Prosport premium evo series Photo 7/10   |   Prosport Premium Evo Series

Premium Evo Series

Prosport’s new evolution in gauge technology is its Premium Evo series with industry-first four-color digital gauges with peak recall and a fully programmable warning feature all built right into the gauge. As with all Prosport gauges, no controller is needed; everything is built right into the gauge, so there’s nothing else to buy.


Act race clutch Photo 8/10   |   Act Race Clutch

240SX Twin-Disc Race Clutch

Advanced Clutch Technology (ACT) now offers a new twin-disc clutch kit for the Nissan 240SX 2.4L I-4 engine application. This 7.25-inch race twin-disc clutch kit is certified as meeting SFI spec and is a direct bolt-on that requires no modifications. These twin-disc clutch kits feature a pressure plate, two sintered iron discs, an XACT Prolite flywheel, release bearing, pilot bearing, and alignment tool and can support up to 770 lb-ft of torque while weighing only 16 pounds.


Revstyle MC 7 wheels Photo 9/10   |   Revstyle MC 7 Wheels

MC-7 Wheels

The MC-7 is a simple yet unique take on the mesh-style design. As a lightweight, low-pressure, cast-aluminum alloy wheel, the structure is balanced and even throughout. There is a deep drop in the center of the wheel for an aggressive concave profile. The spoke spacing and layout give it a natural factory-upgrade appeal. Finish is a Hyper Graphite, and the MC-7 is available in 18- and 19-inch sizes.

Summit Racing

Summit racing paint system Photo 10/10   |   Summit Racing Paint System

Stage Basecoat/Clearcoat Paint System

Designed for the DIY painter, Summit Racing’s improved, affordable, two-stage basecoat/clearcoat paint system makes it easy to choose the correct components. The paint is easy to apply, cleans up quickly, and looks fantastic—the perfect way to get a great-looking, long-lasting finish. The Summit Racing two-stage systems use a basecoat (first stage) and then a clearcoat (second stage) to create an outstanding finish. These American-made paints are available in 40 vibrant basecoat colors.



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