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Pioneer DJ Art Mix 2013

Pioneer Brings EDM and Artwork to Downtown LA's Artwalk Festival

Jonathan Wong
Oct 11, 2013

Recognized globally as the leading producer of high-quality DJ equipment, Pioneer DJ USA held its second Art Mix gallery at the popular monthly Downtown Los Angeles Art Walk series to help raise money alongside today's popular EDM DJs for VH1's Save the Music Foundation.

Millennium_Falcon_CDJ 2000nexus Photo 2/41   |   Millennium Falcon CDJ 2000Nexus

Artists like Kaskade, Atrak, James Zabiela and many more, all masters of Pioneer's gear were given a CDJ-2000nexus as their canvas, to custom modify as they saw fit, all of which were placed up for a month-long online auction on Charitybuzz ( starting October 11, with the proceeds going to the VH1 program.

Pioneer_DJ_Art_Mix_2013_mixing_booth Photo 3/41   |   Pioneer DJ Art Mix 2013 Mixing Booth

Some of our favorite custom CDJ-2000nexus decks were by non-DJs, like Five Axis' "scorpion", which actually moves (!); and tributes to two of our favorite movies, Back to the Future (with working flux capacitor and mini-Mr. Fusion) and Star Wars (a functioning Millennium Falcon replica that probably can't do the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs). DTLA Art Walk attendees were able to see these custom decks up close and play with any of Pioneer's current lineup of DJing toys.

Pioneer_DJ_Art_Mix_2013_canvas_sale Photo 4/41   |   Pioneer DJ Art Mix 2013 Canvas Sale

For more visit

DJ_Hapa_CDJ 2000nexus_side Photo 5/41   |   DJ Hapa CDJ 2000Nexus Side

Five_Axis_CDJ 2000nexus_front Photo 6/41   |   Five Axis CDJ 2000Nexus Front

Crystal_Hefner_CDJ 2000nexus_top Photo 10/41   |   Crystal Hefner CDJ 2000Nexus Top

Danielle_Gonzalez_CDJ 2000nexus_top Photo 14/41   |   Danielle Gonzalez CDJ 2000Nexus Top

Fei_Fei_CDJ 2000nexus_front Photo 18/41   |   Fei Fei CDJ 2000Nexus Front

Jesse_Dean_Designs_CDJ 2000nexus _top Photo 22/41   |   Jesse Dean Designs CDJ 2000Nexus Top

Joex2_CDJ 2000nexus _top Photo 26/41   |   Joex2 CDJ 2000Nexus Top

Kaskade_CDJ 2000nexus _top Photo 30/41   |   Kaskade CDJ 2000Nexus Top

Markus_Schulz_CDJ 2000nexus__top Photo 34/41   |   Markus Schulz CDJ 2000Nexus Top

Zedd_CDJ 2000nexus_top Photo 38/41   |   Zedd CDJ 2000Nexus Top

Photos courtesy of Pioneer Electronics, USA

By Jonathan Wong
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