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Mackin Industries Stands Strong at SEMA 2013

New versions of industry standards

Nov 8, 2013

With over 40 years in the automotive industry, Mackin Industries knows a few things about longevity. Serving as the exclusive importer of high quality goods from the likes of Rays Engineering, Yokohama Wheel Design, Project MU and a host of others, Mackin has separated itself from the low and mid-tier brackets, and prides themselves on providing only the best of the best. And when talking about the best wheels, the name Volk and Advan will both come up every single time.

Mackin industries SEMA 2013 57extreme 01 Photo 2/12   |   Mackin Industries SEMA 2013 57Extreme 01

The classic TE37 has been around for longer than the majority of todays Honda enthusiasts and is showing absolutely no signs of fading. From the classic bronze TE37 to the more updated and specialized versions like the Honda Edition and Tokyo Time Attack, the lightweight, ultra-rigid, 6-spoke design is an industry staple, and is undoubtedly here to stay.

As with any popular wheel, knock-off versions and cheap copies are in abundance at just about every turn. In an effort to update the look and curb some of the replicas, Rays is now using a diamond cut label on the spoke of many of the new TE37 and CE28 models. And in no way relaxing and allowing the others to catch up, Ray's Engineering is incorporating new, cutting edge technology that you'll see in the center section of their wheels that will actually increase strength and rigidity, without adding unwanted weight.

Mackin industries SEMA 2013 advan convave 02 Photo 3/12   |   Mackin Industries SEMA 2013 Advan Convave 02

The ever-expanding Ray's Gram Lights line has added some unique colors and coatings to some of their current offerings including a velvet red and a velvet blue finish that looks amazing under different lighting conditions, with tight corners and curved surfaces taking on a shadow-like appearance that greatly accentuated the lines of the 57Extreme and 57C6 on display.

Yokahama Wheels' flagship line, Advan, was also well represented at the Mackin Ind. booth, showing models in various sizes and colors. Advan has done an exceptional job of offering styles and offsets to keep up with the more aggressive look and sizing that enthusiast's are craving currently. Advan's Racing GT model is a classic 5-spoke design with an ultra-sleek and raw appearance. The RS-D line is comprised of flow formed, one-piece construction, and with a sharply curved spoke design, allows for maximum brake clearance - perfect for those using a big brake kit like those offered by Project MU.

Mackin industries SEMA 2013 diamond cut engraved 07 Photo 4/12   |   Mackin Industries SEMA 2013 Diamond Cut Engraved 07
Mackin industries SEMA 2013 advan wall of wheels 05 Photo 8/12   |   Mackin Industries SEMA 2013 Advan Wall Of Wheels 05
Mackin industries SEMA 2013 addvan spokes 04 Photo 12/12   |   Mackin Industries SEMA 2013 Addvan Spokes 04


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