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Meguiar's Everyday Car Care Products at SEMA 2013

The latest from a leader in maintaining a vehicle's appearance

Toni Avery
Nov 8, 2013

While searching the SEMA 2013 show floor for the best in new car care products we decided to make a stop at the Meguiar's booth. Meguiar's has been in business since 1901 and a leader of everyday car care. Found here are both brand new and popular products to keep your ride looking showroom clean.

Ultimate Line

Starting with the Ultimate line are the brand's premium car care products. While there is an abundance of exterior paint care in this line, Meguiar's Ultimate line has expanded to cater to other portions of the car as highlighted below. Look out for these 2014 products on Meguiar' soon!

Meguiars ultimate black tire coating 006 Photo 2/29   |   Meguiars Ultimate Black Tire Coating 006

Ultimate Black Tire Coating

A premier tire coating that offers high shine and durability. Each application will last about four to six weeks - driving in extra rugged environments will of course call for a sooner reapplication. The non-traditional tire coating is almost semi-permanent. Meguiar's suggests using a fair amount before wiping down the excess to avoid the splatter effect after application.

Meguiars ultimate black trim sponge 004 Photo 6/29   |   Meguiars Ultimate Black Trim Sponge 004

Ultimate Black Trim Sponges

Currently available, Ultimate Black features a "lotion" consistency that works as a long lasting protectant for surfaces such as porous textured mirrors or other moldings with the same texture. The sponges are pre-saturated for convenience to avoid the need for a separate towel. The liquid in the sponge is the same as what you find with Ultimate Black.

Meguiars ultimate interior detailer 005 Photo 10/29   |   Meguiars Ultimate Interior Detailer 005

Ultimate Interior Detailer

You have probably used or at least heard of Quick Interior Detailer. The multi-purpose all-around interior detailer works well for the removal of dust and finger prints. This new Ultimate line offering features an updated formula with UV protection and an added sheen. It doesn't replace a protectant but is still a detailer. And unlike conditioners, this product won't leave a slippery film behind after application. While this is not a cleaner, it does remove dust or other debris from all surfaces of the interior without scratching.

Meguiars whole car air re fresher 002 Photo 14/29   |   Meguiars Whole Car Air Re Fresher 002

Whole Car Air Refresher

This product permanently removes car odor by encapsulating and dissipating the scent in question. After removing the object causing the odor, a press of the air freshener's button will act like a like a fogging system and get your vehicle smelling fresh again. It is important to note that this is an improvement on the previous Odor Eliminator product. For best results, Meguiar's recommends shutting the doors, starting the car and turning on the A/C full blast on recirculate mode after spraying the deodorizer.

Professional Detailer Line

Meguiars professional line Photo 18/29   |   Meguiars Professional Line

This next line is not for the average Joe that seldomly cleans his car, but for those that require the utmost of shine whether that be for the showroom or show circuit. The Professional line of car care products is meant for professional detailers of not only cars but also Marine and RV. These next products are for professional quality results.

Meguiars professional 002 Photo 19/29   |   Meguiars Professional 002

DA Extra Cut Microfiber Disc

This is a more aggressive microfiber disc than has been offered in the past, by about 25 percent. When severe scratches or defects appear on a vehicle's body this is the microfiber pad to use with your DA Polisher. Avoid using a rotary polisher to minimize swirl marks.

Meguiars professional polish Photo 20/29   |   Meguiars Professional Polish

DA Polish

This is product is used as an interim step because of the aggressive nature of the some polish discs. Especially true with cars that have more delicate finishes that sometimes end up with haze. Even when all the defects are removed from a paint's surface there can still be dull and slight hazy look. This polish is used to remove that dullness, which leads to the final step of wax application.

Meguiars professional line 003 Photo 21/29   |   Meguiars Professional Line 003

More Professional Car Care

There is also a new marine product, and non-acid wheel and tire cleaner along with rinse free express wash and wax. These complete the professional side of the new products.

For more visit:

DA Line

Meguiars DA Power System and polish compound wax kits Photo 25/29   |   Meguiars DA Power System And Polish Compound Wax Kits

The DA line may be familiar but is popular and worth a second look. This line goes back to the everyday car care side of Meguiar's products while giving you that professional feel of a multi-step product.

Meguiars DA Power System Photo 26/29   |   Meguiars DA Power System

DA Power System

This tool is designed to convert any drill into a DA Polisher. Rather than spending $100+ dollars on a polisher system, the DA Polisher costs about $65 and converts an existing drill into a car detailing necessity. This also provides the benefit of avoiding hand application.

Within this line you have the Compounding system that removes swirls, oxidation and stains. The Polishing system is designed to give you a brilliant high gloss you want for car shows. And finally the waxing system, which is a traditional waxing application.

For more visit: and

Whether you're the serious detailing type or just like your car to look nice Meguiar's has got you covered. The new products we shared plus the Professional line and popular DA system provide something for every type of car owner.

By Toni Avery
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