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Mod Gear March 2014

The Latest And Greatest Parts Ready To Go.

Feb 11, 2014


Raceland coilovers Photo 1/10   |   Raceland Coilovers

Brz Frs Coilovers
Raceland’s multi-adjustable coilover kit for the Subaru BRZ and Scion FRS platform is designed to give the maximum adjustability with individual threaded shock bodies and allows for height changes to be made between 1-3 inches below OEM ride height. Adjustable spindle mounts, independent spring pre-load settings, upper mount bearings, and front camber adjustment ensure performance while maintaining daily driveability.

aFe Power

Takeda intake system Photo 2/10   |   Takeda Intake System

’13-’14 Honda Accord V6 Intake System
aFe Power’s new Stage-2 air intake system for the ’13-’14 Honda Accord V6 3.5L produces up to 17 hp and 15 ft-lb torque over stock, while outflowing the factory intake by 21 percent. This intake includes both an oiled PRO 5R and an oil-free PRO DRY S air filter and a one-piece powdercoated heat shield. This intake uses the factory mounting locations, ensuring a quality fit while maintaining a simple, hassle-free installation.


Centerforce clutches Photo 3/10   |   Centerforce Clutches

Chevy Cobalt SS Dual Friction Clutches
The Dual Friction series of clutches is made up of street-friendly, single-disc clutches that feature patented processes to provide light engagement, while offering outstanding holding capacity and durability. The Dual Friction pressure plate disc side is full faced for driveability and longevity, and a carbon composite puck-style (segmented) face is used on the flywheel side for a positive engagement and increased holding capacity.


Phillips headlight bulbs Photo 4/10   |   Phillips Headlight Bulbs

X-tremeVision Headlight Bulb
The new X-tremeVision headlight bulb is for drivers who want the maximum lighting performance available. It’s the brightest and most powerful bulb in the Philips line of premium upgrade headlight bulbs. It delivers up to 100 percent more light than standard halogen bulbs, providing drivers with maximum performance and nighttime driving visibility.

Boomba Racing

Boomba racing shifter kit Photo 5/10   |   Boomba Racing Shifter Kit

Billet Steel Short Shifter Kit
Boomba Racing’s billet steel short shifter kit for the ’13-plus Ford Focus ST contains everything you need to significantly reduce the shifter throw while also improving the shift feel and accuracy of your Ford Focus ST. There are six possible combinations for shift reductions that range from 10 percent to 51 percent, making this kit truly customizable. It’s easy to install, and no modifications to the console are required.

Armor All

Armor all air freshener Photo 6/10   |   Armor All Air Freshener

Air Freshening Products
As dismal as they may seem, air fresheners keep our cars smelling fresh and clean. That’s why Armor All has just updated its line of air fresheners. Available in a durable card format and convenient vent clip in five new scents—New Car, Vanilla, Wild Berry, Cool Mist, and Mountain Air—these fresheners are the best way to keep cars fresh between cleanings.


Shurhold car care system Photo 7/10   |   Shurhold Car Care System

Professional Grade Car Care System
Shurhold has a complete line of Professional Grade cleaners, waxes, polishes, and shine agents for total vehicle protection and restoration. To ensure the highest product quality, all of Shurhold’s automotive chemicals are manufactured directly by the company. They have been proven to be safe and provide the best possible results for cleaning, shining, protecting, and restoring some of the most luxurious and classic sport vehicles in the world.


Optima battery charger Photo 8/10   |   Optima Battery Charger

Digital 1200 Performance Charger
Designed with advanced digital charging technology, the Digital 1200 delivers multi-stage charging, conditioning, automatic battery maintaining, and reconditioning modes in addition to quick-set controls and an industry-leading LCD information display center. The premium Digital 1200 will fully charge and maintain all types of 12-volt batteries while significantly extending their lives.

Volk Racing

Volk racing G2 progressive Photo 9/10   |   Volk Racing G2 Progressive

G2 Progressive Model
Rays has just introduced to the world the Volk Racing VR G2 Progressive Model. The VR G2 PM builds on the Rays design with machining on the rim edge along with the “Forged” and the “Volk Racing Original” logos on the wheel spoke. The VR G2 PM will also feature machining on the center of the rim to decrease weight and further the evolution of the wheel design. The Volk Racing VR G2 PM will be offered in Formula Silver with Black Clear, along with Mercury Silver.

Tial Sport

Tial sport wastegate Photo 10/10   |   Tial Sport Wastegate

MV-S-A 38mm wastegate
The MV-S-A 38mm unit is designed specifically for motorsport applications that can’t utilize the water-cooling ports on the standard MV-S wastegate. The MV-S-A or “long neck” has the standard 38mm valve but also three stacks of five heat fins that separate the casting from the actuator top. Born into the world of motorsport, this wastegate can handle the harshest of conditions and give 100 percent performance 100 percent of the time. It is the wastegate choice of many WRC teams.



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