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April 2014 Gear

The Latest Great Stuff For Your Driving Life

Feb 14, 2014

ACT Clutch Kits

ACT clutch kit 01 Photo 1/19   |   ACT Clutch Kit 01

Designed specifically for the B7 Audi RS4 and S4, Advanced Clutch Technology's new Street and Race clutch kits feature heavy-duty pressure plates, a choice of disc type, release bearing and alignment tool. These parts will provide a claimed 41-80% increase in torque capacity over the stock clutch. The Street kits feature organic friction materials to withstand high temps and endure general abuse, while the Race kits are recommended for the track only, combining the heavy-duty pressure plate with a cerametallic Xtreme Race disc. This combination is said to provide durability while promoting quick shifting.


Pocket Power Bank

Pocket power bank 02 Photo 2/19   |   Pocket Power Bank 02

Worried about draining the battery on your mobile device? Digital Treasures presents its all-in-one charging station that's small and lightweight enough to carry in a briefcase, purse or cargo pocket. With 3600mAh of power, the miniature power strip eliminates the need to carry around multiple chargers and cables. It includes three output options for charging a variety of devices with the Micro USB or 30- and 8-pin Apple connectors attached to the unit.


Passport Max HD Detector

Passport max HD detector 03 Photo 3/19   |   Passport Max HD Detector 03

Escort has introduced a high-definition radar detector said to blow its competitors out of the water, or at very least out of your car. Its Passport Max HD detector boasts excellent range and fast processing. Engineered to filter true radar gun alerts from false alarms caused by automatic door openers, motion sensors, etc, the detector is claimed to search for threats 50 times faster than any of its rivals. The Max even comes with patented GPS Location Awareness technology, alerting the driver to red light cameras, speed cameras and speed traps as you approach.


Bimmian Reflectors

Bimmian reflectors 04 Photo 4/19   |   Bimmian Reflectors 04

Available for F10 BMW 5 Series and F30 3 Series models, Bimmian is offering painted reflectors to replace the stock amber and red rear reflectors on each model. The body-colored reflectors are the same size and shape of the stock reflectors and easily pop into place with the use of a flat-head screwdriver and tape. Quality tested and in limited supply, Bimmian's product will enhance the appearance of your Bimmer.


Nordschleife Chronograph

Nodschleife chronograph 05 Photo 5/19   |   April 2014 Gear

Now available with a matte black racing finish, the Nordschleife Chronograph is a piece of German engineering to be worn on your wrist while pushing your other German engineering to the limit. The large stainless steel case brags a 1.7" diameter and was blackened electronically, creating the backdrop for the watch face, which sports the white Nordschleife logo. The wristwatch should not only keep time with quartz precision, but also has chronograph functions such as a stopwatch, split time display, and 24-hour display with date function.


BMW Service Reset Tool

BMW service reset tool 06 Photo 6/19   |   BMW Service Reset Tool 06

AutoEnginuity, a specialist in PC-based diagnostics tools, has released its new service reset tool for the 2001-13 BMW and Mini models. The reset tool is the first of its kind to perform the CBS oil reset and battery replacement registration without a personal computer. What's more it can perform these functions as well as the Service Interval Reset (SIR) on late-model BMWs and Minis. This handy tool will determine the correct protocol for your vehicle and send the proper commands with the simple push of a button.


B&O Dodecahedron

Bang olufsen dodecahedron 07 Photo 7/19   |   April 2014 Gear

Named after Greek philosopher Plato, who remarked that Dodecahedron was what the gods used to embroider the constellations, Bang & Olufsen's BeoLab 19 domestic speakers enhance the mood and depth of any cinematic experience by providing extraordinary bass precision. The speakers feature striking geometric planes that change their aspect and hue depending on the viewing angle. Furthermore, the precision of each hole carefully drilled into the enclosure uses the same experience gained from years of experience making speaker components and grilles for companies such as BMW, Audi, AMG and Aston Martin.


Lithium 4400 Power Pot

Lithium 4400 power pot 08 Photo 8/19   |   Lithium 4400 Power Pot 08

You might have guessed we're obsessed with keeping our phones charged and have had a chance to sample this rechargeable battery pack. It's claimed to power your device up to three times on one charge and can double as a lantern. Compact in size, the Lithium 4400 will easily fit in your pocket and is the perfect companion for any escapade from spelunking to camping. The 3-in-1 fast charging cable is included, compatible with iOS devices, micro & mini USB. The charging cable can be used with any other device and cuts down charge times by up to 75%. The Lithium 4400 can be recharged via any computer or USB port. During use, we did find it charged the phone quicker than many alternatives, but half its charge was drained after one session. We've not been able to use it more than twice but it still seems perfectly satisfactory. Four small LEDs on the side show the charge status and can be brightened by switching to the lamp mode. It then gives you extra illumination if needed. With its compact size and fast charging, we like the Lithium 4400.


Fiat Abarth Exhaust

Fiat abarth exhaust 09 Photo 9/19   |   Fiat Abarth Exhaust 09

The Neu-F stainless steel downpipe-back Race Exhaust system was constructed from T304 stainless steel with 2.5" diameter tubing. It's connected with a "V" band clamp system for a good seal with adjustability during fitting. Featuring a "Y" pipe to even out the exhaust flow, the Neu-F Race Exhaust system retains the factory's average dB level but alters and enhances the resonance. Axle-back system $549.95; Full system (downpipe-back)


Royal Purple Diesel Treatment

Royal purple diesel treatment 10 Photo 10/19   |   Royal Purple Diesel Treatment 10

The Max-Tane 6-in-1 diesel fuel treatment is said to be the only diesel additive engineered to work as a total fuel system cleaner as well as a Cetane booster, fuel stabilizer, fuel pump lubricator, cold flow improver and demulsifier. This Royal Purple fuel system treatment is also claimed to be compatible with any type or grade of diesel fuel, including #1 and #2 diesel, biodiesel and ultra-low-sulfur diesel (ULSD). It's therefore safe to use in engines equipped with all types of diesel exhaust emissions equipment, including diesel particulate filters (DPFs) and catalytic converters. Max-Tane 10oz


Philips LED Lighting

Philips LED lighting 11 Photo 11/19   |   Philips LED Lighting 11

Philips has debuted legal applications for LED stop, tail, and reverse lighting, using its X-tremeVision LED Exterior Lighting. The high-powered LEDs deliver five-times more light output than standard 1156, 1157, and 921 incandescent bulbs, but use 13-times less energy. Boasting a life expectancy of up to 12 years, the bulbs go the distance and are available in intense red for 1156 and 1157 stop and tail lights, as well as 6000K Xenon white for reverse light applications.


Falken Mega Line ZIEX ZE950 A/S

Falken mega line ZIEX ZE950 12 Photo 12/19   |   Falken Mega Line ZIEX ZE950 12

Replacing the popular ZIEX ZE912, the all-new ZIEX ZE950 A/S Falken tire boast ultra-high performance with all-season capability. Among its slew of features is Dynamic Range Technology (DRT) - exclusive compound construction that provides maximum performance over a wide range of climate conditions along with innovative tread design. These features contribute to a quoted 18% improvement in tread life and 10% better winter traction compared to its predecessor.


Pyle Audio HD Camera

Pyle audio HD camera 11 Photo 13/19   |   Pyle Audio HD Camera 11

If you thought there wasn't room for any more action cameras, think again. Pyle Audio has joined the fray with its high-speed, high-resolution digital camera/camcorder. Recording at 120 frames-per-second and boasting 12 megapixels, the device produces high-quality videos suitable for production or reliving a special moment. The HD camera includes CMOS image sensor technology, 4x zoom and is controlled via the 2.5" LCD touchscreen. The Hi-Speed HD Camera/Camcorder is available in black, blue, grey, red and silver.


B&O BeoLab 17

Bang olufsen BeoLab17 12 Photo 14/19   |   April 2014 Gear

Available in black, white, blue or ice, the color fabrics on the BeoLab 17 speakers swap out easily and were designed to adapt quickly to match a mood or atmosphere. Regardless of which way it's pointing, the beautifully designed cabinet delivers stunning performance beyond its minimal size. Proving the adage "size doesn't matter" Bang & Olufsen's diminutive BeoLab 17 offers clutter-free convenience by reducing cable clutter to a single power cord.


Dinan Forged Wheel

Dinan forged wheel 13 Photo 15/19   |   Dinan Forged Wheel 13

Designed specifically for the latest BMW M5 and M6 platforms, the Dinan ultra-light forged wheel is said to reduce unsprung weight, thus improving grip, braking and ride quality. Cut from a single aluminum forging, the Dinan product is claimed to be the lightest 20" diameter wheel on the market. The open-spoke design improves brake cooling, and the wheels are sized at 20x9.5" front and 20x10.5" rear. These will allow substantially larger tires without rubbing or modification to the wheel well. The custom sizing and offset means you should be able to fit 285mm front tires and 305mm rears. The increased contact patch and corresponding grip level will allow better power transfer to the ground.

$6450 a set

Alpinestars Anniversary Book

Alpinestars anniversary book 14 Photo 16/19   |   Alpinestars Anniversary Book 14

In celebration of Alpinestars' 50th anniversary, the company has released a hardcover book that documents the past half-century, taking a chronological journey through five decades of motor, moto and action sports achievement. From humble beginnings as a boot manufacturer in Northern Italy, to a global pioneer of motorsports and fashion, the Alpinestars book reflects on the past and looks toward the future. Notable contributors include Alpinestars athletes and motorsports legends such as Kenny Roberts Sr and Randy Mamola.


Volk Wheels

Volk rwheel 15 Photo 17/19   |   Volk Rwheel 15

Volk Racing has introduced two new wheels including the CE28RT Black Edition as well as the G2 Progressive Model (seen here). Both have "Volk Racing Original" machined into one of the spokes to differentiate these new designs from the regular products. The wheel hub was also machined to decrease weight. The VR G2 PM will be offered in Formula silver with black clear as well as Mercury silver. Both colors feature a matching center cap and black valve stem. Sizes start at 16" in 4x100 bolt patters, with 17" and 18" diameters offering multiple offsets and widths in both 5x100 and 5x114.3 fitments, with more sizes to follow.


Royal Purple HMX Synthetic Oil

Royal purple HMX synthetic oil 16 Photo 18/19   |   Royal Purple HMX Synthetic Oil 16

Another new product from Royal Purple is its high-mileage synthetic motor oil specifically designed to minimize wear and restore lost performance for engines that have clocked more than 75000 miles. Formulated with zinc/phosphorus anti-wear compounds and combined with the brand's proprietary Synerlec additive, HMX is chemically enhanced to revitalize hardened seals, reducing oil consumption common in high-mileage engines. HMX is also fortified with detergents to remove buildup and deposits, maintain cleanliness and promote longevity. The Synerlec technology is claimed to provide exceptional film strength, reducing friction and metal-to-metal contact for peak engine performance.


Pioneer In-Dash

Pioneer in dash 17 Photo 19/19   |   Pioneer In Dash 17

If you're keeping it old school and upgrading the factory head unit then Pioneer Electronics' 2014 lineup will provide you with the most in-car entertainment options. They include five stylish, updated in-dash models that are compatible with just about every system out there. The new receivers function alongside entertainment selections including Mixtrax virtual DJ technology, DVD/CD media playback and MirrorLink. The systems also feature an improved AppRadio Mode for the iPhone 5, Pandora station creation, SiriusXM satellite radio compatibility, built-in HD Radio and USB connectivity. Models AVH-X2600BT and up also feature built-in Bluetooth wireless capability for hands-free compliance and music streaming.

From $260



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