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April 2014 Mod Gear

The Latest and Greatest Parts ready to go

Mar 28, 2014


April 2014 mod gear manley connecting rods 01 Photo 1/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear Manley Connecting Rods 01

Connecting Rods
Manley Performance has added no less than 20 new connecting rod part numbers to its already formidable lineup of engine components for sport compact applications. These include H-Beam, H-Plus, H-Tuff, and Pro Series Turbo-Tuff and Tri-Beam I-Beam rods that are manufactured from 4340 steel forgings, precision-machined to exacting tolerances, and can handle up to 1,200 hp in certain applications.


April 2014 mod gear corbeau sportline RRS 02 Photo 2/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear Corbeau Sportline RRS 02

Sportline RRS
The new Sportline RRS seat from Corbeau factors in feedback from customers all over the world to come up with a look and feel that is second to none. Unbelievable comfort, style, and support are put into every inch of this seat, featuring injection molded foam, strategically placed bolsters to support you in just the right places, and harness belt capability. The RRS will fit up to a 38-inch waist.


April 2014 mod gear DEI titanium protect a sleeve 03 Photo 3/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear DEI Titanium Protect A Sleeve 03

Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve
DEI's new Titanium Protect-A-Sleeve offers the best possible sleeve protection up to 1,800 degrees F direct heat and 2,500 degrees F radiant. Developed with DEI's proprietary LR Technology, these high-temperature-rated sleeves provide superior thermal protection for street vehicles or race engines, protecting fuel, oil lines, spark plugs and electrical.

Corsa Performance

April 2014 mod gear corsa performance subaru impreza exhaust systems 04 Photo 4/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear Corsa Performance Subaru Impreza Exhaust Systems 04

Subaru Impreza exhaust systems
Corsa Performance Subaru after-cat exhaust systems offer an unrestrictive, straight-through design with a 3-inch diameter air path with dual rear exits. These systems are available in multiple tip configurations with either dual 3.5-inch or single 4.5-inch tips and for a variety of WRX, STI (both hatchback and sedan), and BRZ offerings.

Precision Turbo & Engine

April 2014 mod gear precision turbo and engine PT8685 turbocharger 05 Photo 5/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear Precision Turbo And Engine PT8685 Turbocharger 05

PT8685 turbocharger
PTE has released its new PT8685 turbocharger featuring GEN2 Competition Engineered Aerodynamics technology that offers substantially more horsepower, mm for mm, when compared to similarly sized wheels of older designs and other manufacturers. The new PT8685 CEA turbo also features an air-cooled, dual ceramic ball bearing CHRA for faster transient response and added thrust capacity.

VP Racing

April 2014 mod gear VP racing C20 and VP unleaded extreme fuels 06 Photo 6/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear VP Racing C20 And VP Unleaded Extreme Fuels 06

C20 and VP Unleaded Extreme Fuels
VP Racing Fuels introduced two new unleaded, nonoxygenated race fuel blends-C20 and VP Unleaded Extreme, with each offering significant performance gains. C20 can handle 30 pounds of boost and compression ratios up to 12:1, while VP Unleaded Extreme can be used with boost or naturally aspirated, as it carries a motor octane rating of 110.

Titan Motorsports

April 2014 mod gear titan motorsports  JZ stroker kit 07 Photo 7/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear Titan Motorsports JZ Stroker Kit 07

3.5L 2JZ stroker kit
Taking the old hot rod statement "There's no replacement for displacement," Titan Motorsports developed a new 3.5L stroker kit for the 2JZ, increasing low-end torque and horsepower while reducing turbo lag. The 3.5L billet crankshaft features a 1.88-inch rod bearing, which allows a wider range of bearing options as well as a larger variety of bearing material availability over factory-sized Toyota bearings. Custom CP pistons in 87mm bore with custom Carrillo H-Beam connecting rods are used, and this kit is 9,000-rpm capable.

APR Performance

April 2014 mod gear APR performance BRZ FRS cooling plate 08 Photo 8/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear APR Performance BRZ FRS Cooling Plate 08

BRZ/FR-S Cooling Plate
To improve cooling capabilities, a radiator needs a direct flow of air to allow an engine to maintain consistent temperatures on the racetrack. Because of structural gaps above the radiator, APR's carbon-fiber radiator cooling plates can be utilized to channel the flow of air directly to the radiator.

DC Sports

April 2014 mod gear DC sports BRZ FRS exhaust system 09 Photo 9/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear DC Sports BRZ FRS Exhaust System 09

BRZ/FR-S Exhaust System
DC Sports race-inspired Dual Canister systems are now available for Scion FR-S/Subaru BRZ applications and have been dyno-tuned and tested. This exhaust features a new Passive Resonance Chamber (PRC) to "tune" the tone and adjust the harmonics, so it's pleasing but doesn't affect performance. Throttle response is enhanced under acceleration while providing a reasonable tone at cruising and idle.


April 2014 mod gear sickspeed neochrome lug nuts 10 Photo 10/10   |   April 2014 Mod Gear Sickspeed Neochrome Lug Nuts 10

NeoChrome Lug nuts
Forged from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum and hard-anodized for long-lasting brilliance, these extended lugs have a 60-degree conical seat and feature an open-ended design. Weighing in at a mere 40 grams each, they offer style paired with performance. They have interchangeable tips and colors, and you can mix and match for a variety of combinations.



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