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October 2014 Hole Shot - Built Not Bought

Samuel Du
Sep 30, 2014

The S-chassis has been done a million times, but for some reason when Chris Milan's '95 Nissan 240SX surfaced earlier this year, tens of thousands of enthusiasts around the world lost their marbles...including us! We didn't think any North American could build another S14 that'd make us drool but Mr. Milan has done so with his insane widebody. And while it might be a little rough around the edges and not have the highest dollar JDM parts, major props are due. He's pushed the limits while still building a car on a budget and without any major sponsors, all in his little one-car garage. Did we forget to mention that he drives the car, too? It's no trailer queen and in our eyes, he's easily a homebuilt hero and living inspiration for other dreamers out there.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun
You might notice the typical cover model feature is a little different this month. Call us crazy but we put three SS girls behind the wheel of a Lamborghini Gallardo, Ferrari F430 and Audi R8! Luckily no one or car was hurt and our experiment made for a memorable day at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Don't miss the full video documentary on our website!

October 2014 hole shot mariah bevacqua 02 Photo 2/3   |   October 2014 Hole Shot - Built Not Bought

No Replacement for Displacement
Every month, I receive more and more submissions for feature cars with...yes, you guessed it, LS swaps. My question is this: do you feel they're still sacrilegious or are they acceptable? I'm all for growing our aftermarket community and seeing quality builds. While a motor manufactured by GM might sound like a crime to throw in a Japanese or European car, does it also make sense if you're trying to make the most bang for your buck (or even if you're getting serious about drifting)? Damian Kho's S14 is just another example of a project that's on point with its the exterior, but also has the power and torque from an American-made V8 to back it up. He's even gone through two SR20s but he has never been happier than with some muscle under the hood. Let's hear your thoughts, rants, praises, whatever, and shoot us an e-mail to

October 2014 hole shot LS swapped S14 03 Photo 3/3   |   October 2014 Hole Shot - Built Not Bought

Sam Du
Editor-in-Chief/Brand Manager

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By Samuel Du
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