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Mind-Blowing Toyota Camry Sleeper Unveiled (w/video)

A family sedan that will give a supercar a run for its money

Sean Russell
Nov 4, 2014

“Fast” and “Toyota Camry” are words used together about as frequently as "vegan and "meat sweats"…but today a wild exception has been made. Placed before you is debatably the most unique high-performance build revealed during SEMA 2014. The bone stock exterior of this 2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper is just that, a shell for Toyota’s Motorsports Division created underneath. To the trained eye, the wide rear 335/30/18 drag tires is your first indication to what this silver family mobile is all about. On key turn, it becomes blatantly apparent something violently special is going on under the hood.

2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA 08 Photo 2/28   |   2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA 08

If the initial whine of the TRD supercharger doesn’t get your attention, the 5.7L 3UR-FE V8 engine and transmission (from a Tundra) will. Hearing this Camry Sleeper come to life in the SEMA show halls caused gearhead hysteria. When the entire exterior shell lifted on a rear hinge, people lost it.

2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA 16 Photo 6/28   |   2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA 16

The red-tubed race skeleton and exposed hardware is enough to have even the non-performance enthusiast stop in their tracks. To the trunk is an arsenal of nitrous bottles that feed the wet setup. Official power numbers and speeds have not yet been confirmed but inside sources tell us this car with parachute could run down a quarter-mile in the 7-second region (to meet NHRA safety requirements though, the cage would need revision to be applicable for the sub 8.5sec classes). In order to achieve Camry Sleeper status though it had to look full stock (no chute included) so based on NHRA rules you’re more likely to see it run a company claimed 9.8sec quarter-mile time.

Go-fast parts include the Autometer digital dash, IPT Performance Transmissions and Magnuson components, forged pistons and connecting rods, Optima battery, front strut and 4-link live rear axle suspension.

2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA 17 Photo 13/28   |   2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA 17

Finger’s crossed Toyota lends the Toyota Camry Sleeper to us for some local Los Angeles driving….we smell viral video!

2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA Unveil 2 Photo 14/28   |   2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA Unveil 2
2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA Unveil 7 Photo 18/28   |   2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA Unveil 7
2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA 10 Photo 25/28   |   2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper SEMA 10
By Sean Russell
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Mind-Blowing Toyota Camry Sleeper Unveiled (w/video)
2015 Toyota Camry Sleeper Details:
  • Built by Toyota’s race division | NHRA drag certified
  • TRD supercharged 5.7L V8 from Tundra used | Wet nitrous system
  • Stock shell lifts to expose race exoskeleton
  • 9sec drag capable | Faster if parachute used



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