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Top 10 Latest Products for Your Car and Lifestyle

The latest great stuff for your driving life

Apr 27, 2016
Photographer: Manufacturers
Amsoil european car formula 0w 40 full saps synthetic motor oil Photo 2/11   |   Amsoil European Car Formula 0W 40 Full Saps Synthetic Motor Oil

Amsoil European Car Formula 0W-40 Full-SAPS Synthetic Motor Oil

Hey, Amsoil named a product after us! Wait—what? They didn't? Ah, we see what they did there—oops. Anyhoo, this latest addition to the brand's European Car Formula line features the same synthetic formulation as its 5W-40 and is recommended for the same applications but designed for users in search of a lower viscosity. Formulated for European gasoline and diesel cars and light trucks, this 0W-40 is blended with Amsoil synthetic base stocks, additives, and broad viscosity ratings, purportedly allowing motorists to take advantage of the extended drain intervals.

Carcapsule show case Photo 3/11   |   Carcapsule Show Case

CarCapsule ShowCase Vehicle Storage Shelter

Say "Back away from the car!" without actually uttering the words with this virtual Cone of Silence. ShowCase is supported by inflatable air columns and features a front panel that zips open and away, allowing the vehicle to simply be driven in or out. The side panels zip open as well. Using CarCapsule's Evaporative Storage System technology, air inside the ShowCase is exchanged with filtered outside air three to five times every hour, keeping the temperature inside consistent with the temperature outside and eliminating moisture. ShowCase features 10-mil PVC windows and an 18-mil PVC floor that is mildew, abrasion, and flame resistant, as well as impervious to oil, gas, and antifreeze. For one-step setup, simply attach the included air pump and the ShowCase is ready in 3 to 4 minutes. Offered for automobiles, motorcycles, or as a solution for situations requiring dust-free and dry storage. Custom configurations are also available. $1,695.

Dinan carbon fiber cold air intake f8x m3 m4 Photo 4/11   |   Dinan Carbon Fiber Cold Air Intake F8x M3 M4

Dinan Carbon-Fiber Cold-Air Intake for BMW F8x M3/M4

This CAI takes full advantage of the factory design first by employing a sealed airbox that prevents the intrusion of hot air under the hood while retaining a pickup location for cold air. Air is passed through a 30 percent larger high-flow filter, past an upgraded MAF sensor, and into a carbon-fiber tube that provides 20 percent more air volume than the stock piece. $1,999.

Fluidampr vw tsi front angle Photo 5/11   |   Fluidampr Vw Tsi Front Angle

Fluidampr Crankshaft Damper VW TSI Engines

Fluidampr's latest helps take those bad vibes out of the spinning crankshaft in your TSI-engined machine, whether it's a late-model Volkswagen Golf GTI, Jetta, Passat, Audi A3 and TT, or any one of many EA888.x engine-designated models from VW and Audi. The damper is an upgraded direct replacement for the factory elastomer-style crank pulley and reportedly has shown power output gains with just its install. A four M8x1.25 pre-drilled bolt interface accepts accessory drives, such as for a dry-sump system. Made from high-tensile-strength steel, components are CNC machined and computer balanced during manufacture, then finished in a corrosion-resistant black zinc chromate finish and engraved timing mark. SFI 18.1 certified for professional motorsports.

Hosetechnik audi s1 brake hoses Photo 6/11   |   Hosetechnik Audi S1 Brake Hoses

Hosetechnik Audi S1 Brake Hoses

These lines boast hand-finished frictionless braided stainless steel bodies and custom-machined stainless end fittings. A variety of sleeve colors are available, and Hosetechnik will even do custom lines. From $124 for a four-line set.

Millteck audi sq5 exhaust system Photo 7/11   |   Millteck Audi Sq5 Exhaust System

Milltek Audi SQ5 Performance Exhaust System (2014-On)

Here's something to give your 3.0 TFSI SUV grocery-getter a little giddy up—this new cat-back system is fashioned out of 2.37-inch-diameter stainless steel plumbing we understand growls when the throttle is mashed but is barely perceptible under normal driving (wait, WOT isn't "normal driving"?). The exhaust ends in a dual outlet with polished quad GT-100 tips, and tailpipe trim options include "Black Velvet," Titanium, or traditional polished finish.

Powerflex vw golf 3 bushes Photo 8/11   |   Powerflex Vw Golf 3 Bushes

Powerflex Mounting Bushings for VW Golf Mk3

We dig how the Brits call them "bushes" and not "bushings" like us Yanks—probably because the word "shrubberies" barely exists in our lexicon. This kit works for the VW Golf MK3, VR6 Corrado, and Passat and consists of stiffer front lower engine mounting bushings and inserts to replace what came stock. For vehicles used in motorsport or predominantly on track, these new "bushes" are also available in the stiffer Powerflex Black Series range. From $64.

St suspension kits porsche cayman boxter Photo 9/11   |   St Suspension Kits Porsche Cayman Boxter

ST X Coilovers for Cayman & Boxster

Who doesn't love a little plantedness? We certainly enjoy it, and now if you drive a 987 chassis, you can pursue more sure footing with a set of ST Suspension's X coilovers. Manufactured by KW in Germany, the ST X's feature galvanized steel and multicoated struts and allow lowering of 1.2 to 2.4 inches. $1,259.99.

V maxx sports springs audi 80 cabrio Photo 10/11   |   v maxx sports springs audi 80 cabrio

V-Maxx Sports Springs Audi 80 Cabrio 1.8/2.0/V5/1.9TDi

Here we have a direct replacement for the Audi 80 Cabrio's factory springs designed to work with OEM dampers or any quality aftermarket offerings. Each spring provides two distinct characteristics within one component—a softer, more compliant area for riding around on every day, and then a stiffer section for when the car is thrown into corners at greater angles of lean. Wound from the same steel that V-MAXX uses for its competition springs, these are pre-stressed to prevent sagging before being shot-peened for tempering and then electrostatically powdercoated. They lower the Cabrio by 1.37 inches all round.

Vorsteiner s4 series sedan front spoiler Photo 11/11   |   Vorsteiner S4 Series Sedan Front Spoiler

Vorsteiner Audi S4 Series Sedan Front Spoiler

Vorsteiner begins with its autoclaved pre-preg carbon fiber and makes some wondrously cool bits, like front spoilers for the S4. They come with four-stage UV-inhibiting clear lacquer coating to protect against the elements (at least some of them, anyway; a low curb will still probably ruin your day).

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