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Gear - All the Greatest Stuff for You and Your Car

Aug 24, 2016

Beyerdynamic iDX200 iE in-ear headset

Gear Beyerdynamic idx200 headset Photo 2/9   |   Gear Beyerdynamic Idx200 Headset

Some of us grown ups don't like looking like we're wearing Princess Leia hair when we're listening to music. (Yes Dr. Dre, not only do I doubt your credentials, but your headphones look and sound awful) These new German ear buds feature titanium housings, voice coils wound with an "extremely thin" copper wire and neodymium magnets, which as we all should know, are pretty much the strongest permanent magnets available. The flat cables feature a three button apple-compatible remote, along with two extensions. Frequency range is an impressive 10Hz - 27 kHz and is said to provide outstanding detail and transparent sound. 10 sets of different styles and sizes of eartips are included, so if you can't make these fit, consider something custom.

Startech Bentley Bentayga

Gear Startech bentley Bentayga Photo 3/9   |   Gear Startech Bentley Bentayga

While most of the world is still trying to figure out how to pronounce Bentayga, you lucky person have just traded your G-wagen in one because you require something even more expensive and exclusive. Well guess what, a week after you get that Bentley SUV, three other people at the local organic farmer's market will have one too. So, if your ego just won't have it, you need the latest performance package from Brabus's English-division. As we all know, anything from the OG(original German) tuner will be of the highest quality and will fit and function as well, if not better than factory. The package includes, a lowering module, 23-inch wheels, modular widebody, and unspecified power upgrades. Don't be like all the other driving stock Bentley SUVs, make yours special.

H&R BMW M2 sport springs

Gear HR M2 Sport Spring Photo 4/9   |   Gear HR M2 Sport Spring

The M2 is the best M-car in years, YEARS! If you want to improve the aesthetics, handling and aero of an already great car, H&R can deliver with a set of German made sport springs. The progressive rate springs are cold-wound and then tempered using an induction process that creates a tougher steel without giving up ductility. The Sport Springs lower the car 0.8-inches both front and rear and include new micro-cellular progressive jounce bumpers(bumpstops). If you have a spare few minutes, we would recommend checking out the tech section on H&R's website to learn more about suspension.

AEM Vehicle dynamics module

Gear AEM vehicle dynamics module Photo 5/9   |   Gear AEM Vehicle Dynamics Module

If you're already using an AEM ECU or AQ-1 datalogger, chances are you're spending some time at the race track. With the new plug and play VDM (Vehicle Dynamics Module) those systems will now let you record chassis and performance data along with the powertrain data already available. The devices has a 3-axis accelerometer, 3-axis gyrometer and 5Hz GPS positioning, meaning this small $375 device will do most of what a $10,000 GPS datalogger will do. It will allow you to create track maps for baseline data and accurate lap times and will record G-forces, pitch, roll, yaw and vehicle speed. We would eventually like to see this stepped up to 20Hz sampling to truly be comparable to the pro stuff, but at under $400, nothing else will touch this. I hate the term "game changer" almost as much as "bespoke" but it might be appropriate here.

Milltek Sport Jaguar F-Type S Exhaust

Gear Milltek jaguar f type s exhaust Photo 6/9   |   Gear Milltek Jaguar F Type S Exhaust

Want a cat-back for your fast cat? The big name in British exhaust systems can help. The mandrel bent, full stainless steel 70mm system eliminates the factory pinch points to increase flow rates and reduce turbulence found in the stock plumbing. It does maintain the vacuum operated butterfly valves of the factory system, allowing for quiet-ish cruising or louder hooliganism on demand. If you've driven a stock F-Type, you know how loud and angry they sound from the factory, so we can only imagine what this sounds like at full roar. The visible part of the kit consists of dual 4.5-inch titanium tips either polished or finished in Black Cerakote. Downpipes with sport-cats will be available before the end of 2016.

Cerevo Hack Kit for Tamiya Mini 4WD

Gear Cerevo hack tamiya mini kit Photo 7/9   |   Gear Cerevo Hack Tamiya Mini Kit

We can't stress enough the importance of getting kids(and adults) into the STEM subjects. Cars are a great way of doing that. Tokyo based Cerevo is selling a kit that takes the palm-sized Tamiya Mini 4WD kits, which to kids from the 80s are essentially modern day Stompers, and turns them into programmable monster truck robots. Once built and programmed, your new attack robot is controllable either with a smart phone or through a web browser. Several more modules are said to be on the way to allow even more functionality, we hope it eventually includes "sandwich making and delivery." The Tamiya Mini 4WD kits are roughly 20 bucks and the Cerevo add on is an additional $79 with shipping to the US.

Playsam Volvo Estate Model

Gear playsam volvo estate model Photo 8/9   |   Gear Playsam Volvo Estate Model

Looking for Swedish design small enough to sit on your desk? Playsam is Scandinavian toy designer that specializes in classic wooden toys with a modern twist. Equally desirable and functional as sculpture or toy, this Volvo estate will make any car lover swoon. Starting with Volvo's already sumptuous lines, the designers at Playsam has turned it into an ethereal vision of the car's soul. Visit the company's website for this and a number of other cars, rockets, cities landmarks and even one of the most beautiful kid's ride-on toys we've ever seen.

Dinan sport tuner for BMW turbo engines

Gear dinan sport tuner Photo 9/9   |   Gear Dinan Sport Tuner

If you're looking for more performance from your forced induction BMW engine, but aren't ready to invest in the Dinantronics Performance Tuner, there is now a more affordable option that still provides significant gains. The just released Sport Tuner is a much simpler device that plugs into the boost sensor and intercepts and modifies the signal before it gets to the car's ECU. Like other intercept systems, all it changes is boost, so factory ignition and fueling maps stay exactly the same. Dinan is claiming up to +30hp and +50 lb-ft of torque, depending on car model. The matchbox-sized unit also contains a Bluetooth module that allows smartphone control of the device's 5 modes as well as actual boost data streaming back to the phone. With prices starting at $299, the Sport is a better deal than most flashes or even the Dinan Performance Tuner in a hp/dollar comparison.

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