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Brabus Promotes Classic Services With Restored Mercedes-Benz Models

It’s not just about hopped-up new cars

Jake Holmes
Apr 18, 2016

Brabus is not only about turning new Mercedes-Benz cars into mega-horsepower stars. The company also is expanding its Brabus Classic operation, which takes older cars and restores them to what it describes as "6-Star Certified High-Quality Restoration" levels.

This spring, Brabus is showing off a variety of Mercedes-Benz models it has recently restored, including a 300 SL Gullwing and a Roadster, two W113 280 SL Roadsters, and a 1967 Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman that was originally used as a show car at the Frankfurt auto show.

Mercedes Benz 300 SL Gullwing by Brabus Classic rear three quarter with doors open Photo 2/124   |   Brabus Promotes Classic Services With Restored Mercedes-Benz Models

To perform its restorations, Brabus Classic begins by fully disassembling donor cars and cataloguing the condition of every last piece. Then technicians decide whether each part can be reused, can be reconditioned, or needs to be scrapped entirely. The body shell is stripped, corrosion-protected, and repainted, while the engine is disassembled and rebuilt to exacting specifications, and new leather used for the interior upholstery. So too with the cars' suspension and brakes, which are totally replaced withnew components.

When everything is fully put back together again, Brabus technicians perform a serious of quality and safety checks to ensure the car is back to the company's exacting standards, and then returned to the customer.

Mercedes Benz 280 SE 3 5 Cabriolet by Brabus Classic rear end Photo 6/124   |   Brabus Promotes Classic Services With Restored Mercedes-Benz Models

Brabus says that it spends between 1,500 and 4,000 man-hours on each restoration project, signaling the thoroughness of the rebuild process. Brabus Classic is also a recognized partner of Mercedes-Benz Classic, and provides a two-year warranty on every car it restores.Brabus is not the only company doing this type of restoration. Porsche, for instance, recently showed off its painstaking recreation of a classic 911.

Source: Brabus

Mercedes Benz 280 SL Pagode by Brabus Classic front end 1 Photo 10/124   |   Brabus Promotes Classic Services With Restored Mercedes-Benz Models
By Jake Holmes
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