This is weird. A car whose body is made from an organic compound that is supposedly stronger than steel, is powered by that same organic compound and emits only oxygen. It’s the Mercedes-Benz Biome symbiosis vehicle. It was designed originally for the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show and had to follow a brief of being a sporty-yet-green car that weighed under 1,000 pounds. This one tips the scales at 875.5 pounds. At the end of its operational life, it can be composted or used for building materials. Another wacky concept, right? Except for two things. One, the chemistry actually exists to make this happen and, two, Mercedes is rumored to be producing this thing for 2015, or something based on the design, in response to BMW’s Vision Efficient Dynamics diesel hybrid concept, although it’s not clear what kind of drivetrain it will have. It’s a funny old world.