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NEW RECORD for Porsche set by Evolution MotorSports - Web Exclusive

Fully weighted street legal 997.1 Twin Turbo hits 234.6MPH at Texas Mile.

Apr 11, 2011

Goliad, TX - Evolution MotorSports (EVOMS), based in Tempe, AZ has set a NEW RECORD for a fully street weighted and street legal Porsche 997.1 Twin Turbo at 234.6MPH. MAYHEM, as it is known, is a 2007 Porsche 997.1 twin turbo with the company’s EVT1500 Performance System. The EVT1500 was piloted by EVOMS European partner from Greece, Mike Paridis.

Epcp_1104_01_o+mike_paridis_of_exelixis+and_todd_zuconne_of_evolution_motorSports.JPG Photo 2/2   |   (L) Mike Paridis, founder of Exelixis in Greece, Driver of the EVT1500 (R) Todd Zuccone, founder and president of Evolution MotorSports

The record was set in the standing mile at the event TEXAS MILE held March 25-27, 2011 in Goliad, TX. The event is sanctioned by NASA of Texas and is documented as the record for cars that are categorized as “modified street cars”. Defined as full interiors, stereo/navigation systems with the only additions being for safety; roll cages, fire extinguishers, etc.

Todd Zuccone, founder and president of Evolution MotorSports said, “Now we have another reason the so called ‘tuners’ of the USA market will not compete with my company. There were noticeably none of the typical Porsche tuning shops at this years Texas Mile. So, we now plan to take our record setting Porsche to Europe to see who will step up.

John Bray, Senior Engine builder for the EVT1500 says, “Zuccone and I have been a team for 8 years and we have shared this singular vision for at least 6. I can not wait to see MAYHEM demonstrate to the Europeans what us Americans can do with a Porsche.

Zuccone goes on to state that the methodical pace of the company’s Research and Development has allowed years of step by step improvement to lead to this record setting speed. Founded in 1997, Evolution MotorSports has developed hundreds of engine improvements for the 996TT, the 997TT and now the 997.2TT with it’s EVT650 Performance System announced in mid 2010.

Mike Paridis, founder of Exelixis in Greece, EVOMS partner and pilot of the EVT1500 says, “Todd Zuccone’s team allows innovation to come from both inside his company and his external partners. Everyone has played a critical role and I am proud to be on the EVOMS team.”

The winning run on YouTube:

The EVT1500 Performance System, designed specifically for the 997.1TT vehicle is a full 4.0 liter engine build that is only modified at the company’s Tempe, AZ headquarters.

Preparing for Texas Mile at EVOMS headquarters on YouTube:

The EVT1500, or “MAYHEM” began life as a twin turbo Porsche 997 in 2007. It was acquired by Todd Zuccone of Evolution MotorSports with 6 miles on the odometer for the sole purpose of Extreme Testing. Development has always been the goal; development of horsepower and torque to top speed testing for all Evolution MotorSports Performance Systems and upgrade components for Porsche. When the car had been in the EVOMS shop for less than 24 hours it began its transformation with a simple ECU performance flash. Since that day, it lives as a Research and Development platform for John Bray and the other EVOMS engineers. Chasing speed and endurance records every time is is on the track.

The EVT1500 Performance System sells for $220,000. (does not include the car) The engine is an EVOMS built 4.0-liter twin turbo with horsepower of 1485 and Torque of 1320. This upgrade also includes all of the needed safety components, suspension upgrades, transmission modifications and all other needed aspects of the car to match the performance of the engine. The cars post a 2.5 second time in 0-60 and runs the ¼ mile in excess of 160 MPH. The complete car weighs approximately 3200-3600 pounds depending on options.

Evolution MotorSports also features performance upgrades for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Mercedes, VW, Audi as well as a full line of upgrades for all late model Porsche’s including the new 2012 Panamera turbo.

About Evolution MotorSports, Inc.
Founded in 1997, Evolution MotorSports has been the leader in after market tuning of high performance automobiles with notable marquees of Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, VAG and many others. From casual-street to aggressive-track, Evolution MotorSports’ research and product development has become the standard by which all high performance automobiles are judged. View the company websites at and

Evolution MotorSports is the exclusive N. American partner for Gumpert GmbH. Roland Gumpert is the designer of the Gumpert apollo, one of the fastest street production cars in the world. Visit the Gumpert website for N. America at:



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