Nuremberg is known historically for rallies and trials—and not the fun, motorsport-related kind. But there’s some light-heartedness that descends upon the Bavarian city in the form of the International Toy Fair. At the 2011 bash, Audi displayed a different kind of E-Tron electric car. In a nod to Audi’s history, this is called the "Auto Union Type C E-Tron study." It has an electric motor making all of 1.5 hp, a lithium-ion battery pack, a top speed of 18.6 mph, and a range of around 15 miles. The 7ft.-long body is partly aluminum and the car can fit kids or adults just an inch shy of six feet tall. Unlike contemporary Audis, this one has rear-wheel drive. It even has a reverse gear. And we thought we were lucky having Lego bricks as kids.