This should qualify as a European car, even if it is built in San Antonio, Texas. It’s a redux of the famed Mercedes-Benz C111 gullwinged experimental car of the 1970s made by GWA Tuning and called the Ciento Once (that number in Spanish). It has a mid-mounted, gasoline-combusting, 408-hp V12 made by AMG and the body is fashioned from aluminum over a tubular space frame (there must be some kind of official sanction, since GWA is using the three-pointed star emblem). GWA does not expect to build any more examples, so this could be the only one of its kind. Incidentally, Mercedes-Benz did plan a production model of the original, called the C112, with a 6.0-liter V12. The company even took 700 deposits, but the car was never made.