The Porsche Panamera range has a new flagship: the 2012 Turbo S. It takes the all-wheel-drive Turbo model and pushes power up from 500 hp to 550, while raising torque from 516 lb-ft to 553, although there’s an overboost function that temporarily takes it to 590 lb-ft. This is partly thanks to new twin turbochargers with titanium-aluminum turbines. Less weight means quicker spooling. The upshot is that zero to 60 mph takes a mere 3.6 seconds. For a car weighing around 4,350 pounds, 3.6 seconds is crazy quick. Top speed is a similarly chuckle-inducing 190 mph. And the suspension has all manner of gadgetry that would prompt Newton and Einstein to reassess their theories on physical laws. There are also some exclusive cosmetic options, such as Agate Gray Metallic paint and 20-inch Turbo II wheels, plus black/cream or Agate Gray/cream two-tone leather interior trim. Pricing starts at $174,175 including delivery and destination charges, which might prompt Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke to reassess his theories on interest rates.