Considering Audi is associated with many things coolly designed, high-tech and satin-finished, being involved with a wooden bicycle seems a bit, well, Fred Flintstone. But hold on there, Barney, because this joint project with Renovo Hardwood Bicycles could be the next big thing in thigh-powered transport. Apparently, hardwood makes an ideal material for a bike frame because it absorbs shock and vibration better than aluminum, yet it’s a quarter of the weight and just as tough. On top of that, it’s biodegradable, or can be slung on the campfire at the end of its useful life. There’s no chain, but a belt drive and the bikes enjoy some aluminum and carbon-fiber components, disc brakes front and rear, and LED lighting. For this range, the woods have been specially selected to match the look of the trim in certain Audi cars. There are three models: one for in-town use, a longer-distance tourer, and a sporty one that follows the golden rule of sports cars. It has fewer components but costs more. Although it does have a 20-ratio Shimano gearset. The cheapest model is $6,530, the most expensive is $7,460. Looks like Fred will have to ask Mr. Slate for a raise.