With profound sadness, we mark the passing of Richard Hamann, founder of Hamann Motorsport, the German tuning house that has brought out all manner of super-goosed German cars. Only 53, he succumbed to lung cancer. Our thoughts go out to his family and friends, but the company will comply with his wishes and continue to produce even more powerful versions of already powerful cars, as it has done since 1986. And he has left us with a Guardian. That’s the name given to this 550-hp version of a Porsche Cayenne Turbo (that’s 50 hp up from stock). It’s a familiar formula: Replace the hood with a carbon-fiber unit, install a sport exhaust for better breathing and a spine-tingling sound, beef up the brakes, add a few aero bits, and spruce up the interior. Torque is up from 516 lb-ft to 567.5 and top speed rises from 172 to 186.4 mph. What better way to celebrate Herr Hamann’s life?