What do Microsoft, Starbucks and BMW have in common? Apart from being at the pricey end of things, they have all enjoyed the services of a consultancy called DesignworksUSA. Indeed, DesignworksUSA is part of the BMW Group, which explains how the operation’s latest project, the Intermarine 55 yacht, has made it into a car magazine. Intermarine is a high-end boat builder based in Brazil (that alliteration was unintentional, but it does sound a bit like a motor boat), one of the few countries with a booming economy these days. And DWUSA was responsible for designing the 55, which launches later this year. To prove it’s all cutting-edge, there are no round portholes, just trapezoidal ones. Despite the name, she’s 57 feet long, has three cabins, two bathrooms, a salon and a galley, and no mention of money has been made. So we know what that means. BMW did not supply any rear shots, but we’ll assume there’s no “Bangle bustle” to ruin the stern.