The flying lady of Rolls-Royce is 100 years old. The world’s most famous hood ornament, aka the Spirit of Ecstasy, has provided RR with the inspiration to create the Centenary Collection. This is a treatment that involves four special shades of paintwork, custom veneers and various high-class baubles like a solid silver flying lady on a bezel of black gold inscribed with Spirit of Ecstasy Centenary 2011. The RR badges are white-on-black enamel instead of the usual chrome. Sorry to be so vulgar as to mention money, but pricing starts at $444,750 for a Phantom edition (regular Phantom MSRP: $380,000). Therefore it’s rather a shame that only 100 will be made, with just 21 (16 Phantoms and 5 Drophead convertibles) heading for the United States.