The first BMW 328 was made in the 1930s and went on to enjoy success in races like the Mille Miglia. To celebrate its 75th birthday, BMW has created a one-off that pays homage, called the, um, 328 Hommage. It offers a possible interpretation of how the designers of that time might have built the BMW 328 in the present day, according to the men from Munich. The bodywork is made from carbon-fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP), so it’s light, just 1,716 pounds. But BMW makes no actual mention of an engine in its press materials, which could make a difference. An elegantly sparse interior is enlivened by two iPhones, each one in a housing fashioned to resemble old-school stopwatches. The phones are supposed to display additional stuff like lap times and GPS info. Wouldn’t those wheels look sweet on a Z4?