Earlier this year, there was a symposium in Berlin that looked at sustainable transportation. Porsche brought along three Porsche Boxsters, each one running on battery power and called the Boxster E. Two cars had just one electric motor that turns the rear axle, but the third had a second electric motor that drives the front wheels as well, making it an all-wheel drive Boxster. Total power comes to 241 hp and 393 lb-ft of torque, zero to 60 mph is a claimed 5.5 seconds and top speed is 124 mph. That compares rather well to a conventional Boxster S. Porsche claims the Boxster E has all the driving dynamics for which the marque is rightfully revered. The battery pack, using lithium iron phosphate technology, goes where the engine would usually sit, so the car’s excellent chassis balance is retained. And the high-voltage equipment is housed in such a way to protect it in the event of a collision. Sadly, there’s no special Porsche exhaust note, but engineers have developed an "Active Sound Design" system, so a speedy Boxster cannot take unsuspecting pedestrians by surprise. Range is 107 miles and charging via a normal socket would take nine hours. If this ever went into production, it would be one less reason to buy a Tesla.