Does anyone else think these wheels look distinctly Alpina-like? Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Here is a new-generation BMW 6 Series Convertible after Teutonic tuner Hamann has fooled around with it. It’s all quite understated, except perhaps for the four 3.5-inch tailpipes of a new, more sonorous exhaust system in stainless steel. The company offers a choice of wheels in 20- or 21-inch sizes; one variant is finished in matte black, which sounds kinda cool. And there’s been some lowering going on too, just over an inch (30 mm) at the front, just under an inch (25 mm) at the back. The interior sports aluminum pedals and footrest, plus some mats with the Hamann logo in silver. The Germans probably don’t have a word for “gangsta” but maybe they should make one up.