Gordon Murray, designer of the championship-winning 1988 MP/4 Formula One car and the awesome McLaren F1 road car, has scaled things down a bit. His latest project is the T.27, which he calls “the world’s most efficient electric car.” His website says the car “sets new standards in weight, footprint, small-car dynamics, safety, packaging and efficiency.” It’s a three-seater that’s only 8.2 feet long. This means it could park head-on to the curb and fit three in one normal-sized parking space. Power comes from lithium-ion batteries energizing a 25-kilowatt motor. Weight is a claimed 1,496 pounds, while top speed is a less-than-electrifying 60 mph, and it will cover 100 miles before needing a recharge, which only takes four hours. The T.27 is set to make its debut on Britain’s roads at the RAC Future Car Challenge on November 5, 2011. No one is actually building it yet, but Murray is in talks with three companies. “I hope it will be a big milestone in automotive history,” says Murray.