Lorinser is a German tuning house that adds elegance to its go-faster efforts. For example, this is their take on the new generation of Mercedes-Benz CLS. Lorinser has given the front fascia a work-over, added side skirts, a spoiler sitting at the top of the rear window and a diffuser out back that makes room for four exhaust pipes. Yet these aerodynamic parts seem to complement the car’s original lines. A new set of springs lowers the suspension by about an inch, while a tweak of electronics and better breathing from the stainless steel exhaust hikes engine output (Lorinser doesn’t give figures for the CLS550, which is the only non-AMG model for sale in the USA, but brings another 20 hp to the Euro-spec 350). For an added touch of devilment, the 155-mph electronic maximum speed limit can be lifted. And then there is a choice between two handsome alloy wheel designs, each available in 19- or 20-inch sizes. It doesn’t come cheap; the body kit alone costs 8,230 euros. Still, for something subtly different from any other CLS, it could be worth it.