We know and love Vorsteiner for the excellent carbon-fiber pieces it fashions for BMW cars, as well as a few other German machines. Now the famed tuning house has turned its attention to one Prancing Horse. This Ferrari 599 has a new eight-piece aerodynamic kit that includes a vented hood and a fixed rear wing, plus super-light monoblock forged alloy wheels. The most impressive thing, though, might be the “paintwork,” which is actually a wrap and whose application can only be described as painstaking. Vorsteiner calls this car a 599 VX. Its inspiration came from both a 599 GTO and the track-only 599XX. Thing is, Vorsteiner’s creation costs about $32,000, as opposed to the extra $100,000 or so one might splash out on a 599 GTO over a GTB Fiorano. And the California-made components will also be around 70 percent lighter. One more thing: The exhaust—each of which is handmade—can be tuned to a customer’s preference.