Accepting the apparently oxymoronic term “four-door coupe” has been a difficult task, but cars like the VW CC do their best to make it a little easier. Now there’s a fresh generation coming around the corner, the 2013 CC, out in spring. This is not based on the new Passat made in Tennessee, but the Euro-Passat made in Germany. Drivetrain choices will sound familiar to VW/Audi aficionados: a 200-hp 2.0-liter turbo four, the 280-hp VR6, DSG and Tiptronic transmissions (as well as a manual, obviously), and the option of all-wheel drive. One new addition for the 2.0-liter version is an electronic limited-slip differential. Design-wise, VW has tried to go for “elegant and more muscular” at the same time, with a sharper silhouette.