It’s still only a concept, but an R version of the new New Beetle could be in the cards. VW already makes sporty R versions of the Golf (hooray, this is coming to the States) and the Scirocco (boo, this one is staying Europe; it’s like everyone is angry at America for causing a global economic meltdown or something... oh, right), so the hardware exists (and possibly the will) to make this less-than-manly car a little more, um, rugged. VW hasn’t gone into any technical details yet, but given that the Golf R bristles with a macho 256 hp, then that would make a good ballpark. All VW has divulged so far is that the concept is painted in “Serious Grey Metallic” (seriously) and runs on 20-inch wheels. It also has a spoiler larger than the one on the rump of the Beetle Turbo. A tachometer is situated on top of the center console and the cabin wears plenty of leather.