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Jaguar Expands Performance Driving School - Web Exclusive

Greg Emmerson
May 9, 2012
Epcp 1205 02 o+jaguar expands performance driving school+XK Photo 1/2   |   Jaguar Expands Performance Driving School - Web Exclusive

The Jaguar Performance Driving Academy might not be familiar to many enthusiasts, or Jaguar owners for that matter, however, it's free to owners of Jaguar XFR, XKR, XKR-S and XJ Supersport models and now includes a new advanced course.

The Academy succeeds and expands upon the previous Jaguar R Performance Academy and is intended to allow owners of the four Jaguar models with 510hp supercharged V8 engines to get the most from their cars.

The full-day driving curriculum with the brand's high performance models allows customers to satisfy both their need for speed and to sharpen their driving skills. The Jaguar Performance Driving Academy is designed to help drivers explore the capabilities of these automobiles and develop the skills and techniques to safely experience the performance.

Although offered free with the purchase of a new XFR, XKR, XKR-S or XJ Supersport, it can also be enjoyed by non-owners at a cost of $1850 for the basic course.

The advanced course is $2495 for all participants and will be tailored to each individual driver.

The experience begins with a welcome reception the night before the event. The following morning, drivers arrive for track orientation and a full day driving in current model Jaguars. Driving activities include:

  • Maximum acceleration and launch exercises using Drive Control settings
  • Braking exercises with anti-lock braking drills
  • Emergency lane change maneuvers
  • Dynamic Mode and Stability Control Off exercises
  • Cornering drills
  • Autocross and slalom course
  • High speed track laps with a driving coach, and hot laps with racing drivers

Upon completion of the basic course, or another recognized performance driving school, guests are welcome to participate in the advanced course, which will include:

  • Threshold braking
  • High-speed cornering
  • Skidpad maneuvers
  • Handling oval
  • Low-speed handling course

After polishing their skills, students participate in individually coached driving sessions around the full track. In-car telemetry is then analyzed to improve performance on each segment of the track.

The Jaguar Performance Driving Academy will be making the following stops in 2012:

  • May 9 to 12 - Texas Motor Speedway, Fort Worth, TX
  • September 11 to 14 - Lime Rock Park Raceway, Lakeville, CT
  • October 11 to 14 - Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Las Vegas, NV
  • December 10 to 13 - Homestead Miami Speedway, Miami, FL

Learn more about the Jaguar Performance Driving Academy at

Epcp 1205 01 o+jaguar expands performance driving school+jaguar logo Photo 2/2   |   Jaguar Expands Performance Driving School - Web Exclusive
By Greg Emmerson
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