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BMW i Cars Headed to London - Web Exclusive

BMW is planning to show Olympic Game attendees the new BMW i Store.

Greg Emmerson
Jun 15, 2012

The London Olympic Games are on everyone’s mind these days, especially BMW; an official sponsor of this year’s games. What better way to celebrate the games then by showing off some of their electric vehicle line up?

BMW is planning to show Olympic Game attendees the new BMW i Store (not to be confused with the apple stores). Inside a BMW i Store you will be able to get up close and personal with the highly respected i8 sports car, the i3 economy four-seater, and making its debut is the new BMW i Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) Concept – a custom-made complement to the BMW i3 Concept.

BMW wants its fans and future customers to experience the benefits of electromobility on a day-to-day basis. By answering three of the most commonly asked electric vehicle questions. Can I carry all of my stuff and people to where we really need to go? Answer: the BMW i3 concept. I don’t need my car for short trips so what will help me with my “last mile”? Answer: the new BMW i Pedelec concept cycle. Finally, the age old question of can an alternative energy vehicle be sexy and fun? Answer: the always tantalizing BMW i8 sports car.

The new BMW i3 Concept: generous feeling of space combined with a unique materials concept based around renewable raw materials. A mixture of leather, wood, wool and other renewable raw materials shapes the face of the BMW i3 Concept interior, the extensive use of natural fibres inside the car underlining the premium blueprint of BMW i.

BMW i has come up with an innovative two-wheeler, which acts as the perfect complement to the BMW i3 Concept and adds a new and convenient layer to personal mobility, particularly in urban areas. The new BMW i Pedelec (Pedal Electric Cycle) Concept is a compact bicycle fitted with an electric motor that tops up the rider’s muscle power with an extra dose of torque. And that means the rider can get to other parts of town even more quickly and effortlessly – and without breaking into a sweat. The BMW i Pedelec Concept can be folded up almost in the blink of an eye and, handily, there is room for two of them in the boot of the BMW i3 Concept. Plus, their batteries can be recharged while they’re in there.

BMW is also introducing a new way to think about the entire experience of owning or sharing an electric vehicle. Their 360° ELECTRIC product and service package is based on four main pillars: home charging, public charging, guaranteed mobility and, fourthly, integration with other innovative mobility concepts in order to overcome range restrictions. Services available to BMW i customers will include supply and installation of a home charging box, supply of green electricity, access to public charging points, comprehensive maintenance services and mobility guarantees, flexible carsharing solutions and helpful BMW apps for the computer and smartphone.

Two areas of most concern is charging any electric/plug-in hybrid vehicle. Let’s face it not all locations have a plug ready for your car to sit by for a few hours.

The driver will encounter one of the main differences between a conventional, combustion-engined vehicle and an electric vehicle when it comes to recharging. That said, in other areas of their daily life, drivers have long been used to recharging electric devices such as a mobile phone on a regular or as-needed basis. In the same way the BMW i3, too, can be recharged at any standard household power socket. For customers with their own garage or private parking place, BMW i will additionally offer BMW i Wallboxes which offer not only safer but also convenient and faster charging. Customers will be able to choose between a basic version for safe and convenient charging and a premium version for even faster, “smart” charging (for example charging can be managed in accordance with the current grid load). Optionally, BMW i can also provide an installation service for the BMW i Wallbox, which will be fitted by a trained specialist.

And because sustainable electric mobility begins with sustainable electricity generation, BMW i can also help drivers who want to use renewable “green” electricity. To go with home charging, BMW i will also offer drivers a range of green electricity products supplied in cooperation with partners in the energy industry.

Beyond this, BMW i can offer individually tailored solutions for customers who are not able to charge their vehicle at home or in the workplace. This will be the case particularly in towns and cities where parking space is very limited. In cooperation with car park operators and operators of public charging points, BMW i will offer such customers easy access to a full-coverage network of public charging stations. Using their navigation system, or via the internet and/or a smartphone app, BMW i3 drivers will be able to find out where charging stations are located along their route and, wherever the relevant technology is already up and running, conveniently book and pay for a slot in advance. This will also mean drivers can be sure of finding a slot available whenever they need one.

With its 360° ELECTRIC package, BMW i is demonstrating how intelligent, flexible solutions can overcome the range restrictions of an electric vehicle. With this complete product/service package, BMW i will offer electric vehicle customers convenient and cutting-edge mobility whose flexibility offers attractive options for all types of customer.

By Greg Emmerson
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