Texas-based tuning house Hennessey has developed a set of performance upgrades for McLaren’s newest supercar: the MP4-12C. While the car comes straight out of Woking with 600 hp, the HPE800 program will deliver (the clue’s in the name) 800 hp. This is achieved through an ECU re-flash, swapping out the twin-turbo/intercooler setup with Hennessey’s own hardware and installing a titanium exhaust system. The big H also offers some carbon-fiber aerodynamic appendages to make the most of this extra power, along with new monoblock alloy wheels wearing Michelin Pilot Super Sport performance rubber, plus some carbon-fiber, Alacantara and leather interior highlights. Hennessey has, however, decided to leave the brakes and suspension untouched, since they are already about as good as it gets.