The new-generation 2013 Audi A3 made a double-header of its world debut, not only at Geneva but also at a tech show in Hanover. So while the Swiss crowd could ooh and aah over the looks, German geekdom got their thrills from the car’s functionality. Pretty swish it is too, since it has a gesture recognition system. Just draw letters in the air, like a destination for the navigation, and the A3 “reads” them. Welcome also the return of the phone box, but not as we’ve known it. This one is a little storage compartment in the center console. Throw a smartphone in and it enjoys better reception, which then gets Bluetoothed into the system. One more cool option is the heads-up display that shows which way the road goes beyond that blind crest. The new A3 goes on sale in Germany this summer, but isn’t due in the States until 2014.