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BMW Concept Active Tourer - Web Exclusive

New Compact Concept to Debut at the Paris Motor Show.

Ezekiel Wheeler
Sep 13, 2012
Epcp 1209 10+bmw concept active tourer+action shot Photo 1/10   |   BMW Concept Active Tourer - Web Exclusive

BMW is ready to give Mercedes a dose of reality. While the world patiently awaits the A-Class, BMW has been developing their hybrid/plug-in systems and compact car expertise in the i3 concept vehicle.

Today, photos of BMW’s new Concept Active Tourer have been released. Expected to make its public debut at the rapidly approaching Paris Motor Show. The concept is a nod to what a production version of the suspected 1 Series GT nameplate. Technology and roominess combined with an athletic design language are the hallmarks BMW focused on when developing the concept. Proving a compact car can be sexy and versatile. The Concept Active Tourer comes in two powertrain options. The first is a traditional hybrid system powered by a turbocharged 1.5L 3-cylinder gas engine. The other is a Plug-in-Hybrid system boasting 12-mile electric range with the new ECO-PRO drive assist. The combined system churns out 190bhp and 147 lb.ft. Achieving a 0-60 time of 8sec and a maximum speed of 124mph from the plug-in model.

Outside, the Tourer seems to have done battle with an Olympic fencer. The quick carving lines of the body suggest speed at a stand still while achieving a solid shape thanks to its high shoulders and skyward facing rocker panel lines. Finished in an exclusive High Reflection Silver combined with polished and matte finished details the car plays with shadows and highlights from nearly every angle.

Epcp 1209 07+bmw concept active tourer+electric Photo 2/10   |   BMW Concept Active Tourer - Web Exclusive

The interior is where the Concept Active Tourer comes alive, quite literally. The dash is layered in open-pore laminated wood milled from a single block harmonizing the interior as unified environment. Full-grain leather married to smooth leather provides a playful interaction between materials of bright and sultry finishes. Further enhancing the overall luxury and performance edge BMW is known for. A composite glass roof with a Suspended Particle Device (SPD) gives the occupants complete control of their interaction with the outside world. With the press of a button the glass can be darkened to the level of your strongest UV blocking sunglasses or as clear as crystal.

The instrument panel contains a 10.25-inch integrated screen with the familiar look of a four-gauge cluster but is powered by BMW’s Black Panel Technology, removing the traditional instruments for a limitless range of display options. Vehicle modes like COMFORT, SPORT and ECO PRO are indicated by unique color schemes within the system ensuring an active driver awareness to vehicle performance.

Versatility within the Concept Active Tourer offers a semi-command seating position for the driver and a generous sized interior compartment. A 40 : 20 : 40 split rear seats with a flat-load floor make the vehicle accommodating for nearly any travel destination. Incorporating the rear passengers experience is as enjoyable as the front. A unique clip-on track system allows folding tables as well as tablet brackets delivering a relaxed and ergonomic use of average consumer gadgets. This is very welcomed opposed to the stuffing it between your legs routine we often find ourselves doing.

Epcp 1209 03+bmw concept active tourer+left view Photo 3/10   |   BMW Concept Active Tourer - Web Exclusive

BMW is introducing a new iPad app, “Seismic Surf” along with the Active Tourer. The app combines the joy of daily driving into a digital game environment. The game feeds on real time daily driver inputs like engine speed and acceleration, which then is interpreted by the game creating a variety of new challenges. Only perfect interaction with a fuel-conscious driver and skillful game player can rack up the most points.

ECO PRO combined with an fuel-efficient navigation system maximizes the overall range you can achieve while carrying out your daily routine. Routes, efficient corner turn in, terrain monitoring all are continuously fed into the system, which then matches RPM, engine speed and braking. Resulting in the least amount of fuel needed to reach your destination.

With the amount of technology and overall versatility of the vehicle its bound to be a hot item in Europe. But with the hopes of the Mercedes AMG A45 dashed it’s hard to see if the Concept Active Tourer will make it state side. We do hope a turbo charged 4-cylinder hybrid could see its way on our roads, but no official word from BMW has been confirmed.

Epcp 1209 01+bmw concept active tourer+left view Photo 7/10   |   BMW Concept Active Tourer - Web Exclusive
By Ezekiel Wheeler
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