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Peugeot Onyx Super Car Concept - Web Exclusive

Paris Motor Show Exclusive Preview.

Ezekiel Wheeler
Sep 11, 2012
Epcp 1209 01+peugeot onyx super car concept+cover Photo 1/6   |   Peugeot Onyx Super Car Concept - Web Exclusive

No matter the woes of Peugeot, the company seems to be ignoring them with their latest concept car. The Onyx, set to debut in a few weeks at the Paris Motor Show. An all-wheel drive plug-in hybrid hooked up to a 256hp 1.6L four-banger and 120hp electric motor– that’s 376hp total.

Looks like all eyes will be on Paris this year as with this latest concept example many companies are swinging for the fences.

Epcp 1209 02+peugeot onyx super car concept+rear view Photo 2/6   |   Peugeot Onyx Super Car Concept - Web Exclusive
Epcp 1209 06+peugeot onyx super car concept+interior Photo 6/6   |   Peugeot Onyx Super Car Concept - Web Exclusive
By Ezekiel Wheeler
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