Borla has built its reputation on building the highest quality exhaust systems a consumer could ask for. The BMW 1M has to be hottest micro BMW performance machine since the first E30 M3. Utilizing their patented Atak mufflers, Borla wanted to make sure owners of the 1M were transmitting the right sound when they screamed by unsuspecting Mustangs and Camaros on the racetrack. Their rear exhaust section ATAK system is constructed of 100% stainless steel with a 1,000,000-mile warranty. The quad 80mm tips are polished to perfection making this system the perfect addition to any 1M. It also has an optional diffuser that bolts right onto the exhaust system. No cutting into the bodywork or modifying your undercarriage is required. So of the 740 1M’s in the United States and 220 in Canada, you can start placing your orders early 2013. $500 diffuser, $1800 exhaust system.