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M Performance Parts - Web Exclusive

New gear for BMW 3 & 5 Series

Alex Bernstein
Dec 14, 2012
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Today, BMW announced a second wave of M Performance Parts designed and tested for the new 3 and 5 Series Sedan models. You can pick these accessories up at all Authorized BMW Centers.

All parts have been developed in collaboration with BMW M GmbH to ensure their authenticity of racing-derived M technology into daily driving.

The latest offerings include exclusive chassis, aerodynamic and cockpit components.

The 3 Series can now be fitted the BMW M Performance Front Splitter, Rocker Panel Blades, Rear Spoiler (in choice of black or carbon fiber finish), Rear Diffuser, Side Stripes, and Rocker Panel Decals become available. Additionally, an M Sport Line Retrofit kit is now available for vehicles not originally equipped with M Sport Line.

03 m performance parts Photo 2/6   |   M Performance Parts - Web Exclusive

For the 5 Series Sedan, a new BMW M Performance Rear Diffuser is offered for 528i, 535i, and 550i models, and will be joined by a new Carbon Fiber Front Splitter which becomes available early in 2013. An M Sport Package Retrofit kit will also become available for ?5 Series Sedan models in 2013.


For the BMW 3 Series, BMW M Performance now offers a Stainless Steel Driver's Footrest and a set of Stainless Steel Pedal Covers for manual and automatic transmission cars. Additionally, a set of BMW M Performance Floor Mats is now available, as are the BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Parking Brake Handle with Alcantara boot.

02 m performance parts 5 series Photo 3/6   |   M Performance Parts - Web Exclusive

The crowning touch, certainly, for the 3 Series interior is to install the BMW M Performance Electronic Steering Wheel which is now available for cars equipped with the Automatic, Sport Automatic, or 6-speed manual transmission. The latest-generation Electronic Steering Wheel, featuring a flat-bottom rim and covered in Alcantara, is a unique offering in the industry and allows drivers to take advantage of three separate information modes:

  • EfficientDynamics Mode shows the driver real-time fuel efficiency data, average speed and efficiency data, water and oil temperatures, recommended shift points, and an EfficientDynamics Index ("EDI") calculation.
  • Sport Mode features a built-in stopwatch function, G-force meter for longitudinal and lateral forces, water and oil temperatures, and multicolored LED shift lights.
  • Race Mode features a stopwatch function with storage of values for up to 50 lap times (including lap, max speed, max G-forces), measurement of up to nine sector times within each lap, drag-strip simulator (LED launch countdown, reaction time, 60-foot time, 330-foot time, 1,000-foot time, 1/8th-mile time, 1/4-mile time, and trap speeds).

On the 5 Series, the non-electronic M Performance Steering Wheel becomes available, featuring a flat-bottom rim and covered in Alcantara. A red quick-index stripe is located at the 12 O'clock location, and the wheel is finished with a carbon fiber insert with chrome BMW M Performance inlay.

05 m performance parts Photo 4/6   |   M Performance Parts - Web Exclusive

Additionally for the 5 Series, a BMW M Performance Carbon Fiber Interior Trim system is now available for models with both Automatic (nine pieces) and 6-speed manual (seven pieces) transmissions. It replaces the vehicle's existing door handle pulls, center console, ashtray lid, cup holder lid, and dashboard insert with beautiful, handcrafted carbon fiber components. Each trim piece is clear-coated and polished to create visual depth and protect against UV rays. Also for the 5 Series, the BMW M Performance Parts Stainless Steel Pedal Covers are now available for vehicles with Automatic and 6-speed manual transmissions.

Chassis and Exhaust

For the 3 Series Sedan, M Performance coil springs, finished in Red paint, lower the ride height by 10mm compared to factory M Sport suspension and 20mm compared to standard. Not to mention, they add a bit of responsiveness to the already stout performer.

To fill the fender wells, M Performance Double-Spoke 20" wheels are also offered. These forged alloy wheels feature an exclusive bi-color design and come with Pirelli P zero run-flat tires, 225/35 R20 front and 255/30 R20 rear.

06 m performance parts Photo 5/6   |   M Performance Parts - Web Exclusive

To top it all off, the M Performance Brake System features Brembo 4-piston front and 2-piston rear calipers with cross-drilled, dimpled discs. The calipers are offered in Red, Yllow or Orange, all featuring the M logo. The front discs measure a massive 370mm with the rears at 345mm. So you can bet this thing stops.

On the breathing end, the M Performance Exhaust was developed using CAD and FEM technology, reducing back pressure and adding a sportier tone to both the 328i and 335i. Plus, it looks good too with M engraved logos on the chrome exhaust tips.

And for the 5 Series

The M Performance Exhaust is available for the 535i developed using the same state-of-the-art technology as the 3 Series exhaust. Unique M Performance V-spoke wheels are available for the 5 Series. The exclusive bi-color design features a high-gloss finish on the face and Orbit Gray paint between the spokes. As an option, the wheels can also be finished in Liquid Black paint. They come with Bridgestone Potenza RE050 A run-flat tires mounted and balanced. The performance tires are sized 245/35 R20 95Y up front and 275/30 R 20 in the rear.

01 m performance parts Photo 6/6   |   M Performance Parts - Web Exclusive
By Alex Bernstein
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