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Vredestein Ultrac Vorti R tire

Toni Avery
Apr 18, 2013

Vredestein is known for its high quality tires for high end sports cars such as the Porsche 911 and the Lamborghini Gallardo. Vredestein's newest tire is the Ultrac Vorti R, which is designed for powerful precision and extreme grip. Developed with the help of Italian design house Giugiaro, the tread is specifically constructed for the above mentioned high end sports cars plus many others. Not only was the tread developed by Giugiaro, but also the tires name, which it derived from vortex, relates back to the airflow on the blades of a helicopter as it takes off.

Designing tires for high performance cars is one thing, but partnering with companies like Carlsson and Hamann we are sure has had a big influence in the precision in which they constructed their newest tire.

Just like in any tire, temperature plays a big part in how much grip is available. The higher the temp, the lower the amount of grip. With the unique construction of the Ultrac Vorti R, grip is available at a number of temperatures, thanks to the thread compound that features multiple resins, which are activated at different temps. The result of this construction is a higher amount of grip for longer periods.

Since these tires are designed specifically for high end sports cars, different sizes for front and rear are a must because of some models rear-wheel drive capabilities. The various sizes come with adjusted tread, which is constructed specifically for the rear axle. Adjusting the belt angles helps to provide more road contact, along with an extra groove in the central ribbing for extra cooling.

For optimal road contact and handling, the tread of the Ultrac Vorti R is broader, which not only results in better stability and grip in a straight line but also better handling in turns. Also contributing to better handling in turns are the circumferential grooves that have slanted flanks for enhanced block stability. And finally further extending the extreme grip and handling capabilities of the Ultrac Vorti R are the side notches in the central ribs ensuring the footprint of the tire is extended.

Tire sizes:

235/35 ZR 19 (91 Y) XL
245/35 ZR 20 (95 Y) XL
265/35 ZR 20 (99 Y) XL
245/30 ZR 21 (91 Y) XL
265/30 ZR 21 (96 Y) XL
255/30 ZR 19 (91 Y) XL
295/30 ZR 19 (100 Y) XL
305/30 ZR 19 (102 Y) XL
305/30 ZR 20 (103 Y) XL
305/25 ZR 21 (98 Y) XL

By Toni Avery
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