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European Car Tuner News - Products And News

The Latest News, Products And Rumors

Sep 1, 2007
Eurp_0709_01_z+034_motorsport+audi_motor_transmission_mounts Photo 1/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Audi Motor and Transmission Mounts
034 Motorsport * MSRP: Website

034Motorsport introduces new motor and transmission mounts for a wide range of Audis, including the B5 A4 and S4 plus VW Passat. Mounts are available in two lines: Street and Track. The street mounts are solid rubber, which are about 10% stiffer than stock. This means they maintain a smooth, quiet ride but reduce engine movement. The Track series are designed to be 90% stiffer than stock. These result in virtually zero drivetrain or motor movement - perfect for the track enthusiast who doesn't mind increased vibration.

Eurp_0709_04_z+abt_sportsline+toureg_body_kit Photo 2/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Rumor has it
The power pros at Abt Sportsline can turn your VW Touareg into a highway hauler or a boulevard badass in no time, thanks to their latest kits for the sporty SUV. By offering everything from big brakes, wheels and body kits to suspension upgrades and power packages that can see over 500hp, these four-wheelers aren't to be taken lightly (

Getting ready to take your Euro cross-country? Check for a list of cities across the nation with heavily ticketed speed traps. Sponsored by the National Motorists Association, it aims to keep travelers safe and happy on their excursions. Some top ranking speed trap cities include Colorado Springs, Houston, Orlando and Detroit, to name a few (

Eurp_0709_05_z+zex+billet_bottle_brackets Photo 3/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Billet Bottle Brackets
ZEX * MSRP: Website

Now you can look the part with these billet bottle brackets from ZEX. The polished beauties can be mounted in a variety of ways. They feature a split-arm design that makes it easy to install the bottles in the tightest of locations, and removal is even simpler. No tools required; the brackets use thumb wheels to secure the bottles. So in a matter of moments an empty bottle can be replaced with a full one. Who would've thought that running some squeeze could have been so easy?Caption06

Eurp_0709_03_z+in_pro+temperature_display Photo 4/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Check Temp Display * MSRP: Website

The next generation Check Temp Display is now available from It mounts flush in the dash of most VW cockpits; typically where the hazard button is located. The unit not only displays interior and exterior temperatures, but also has a time and date display, trip function, manual air conditioning function and can warn of ice. The display can even change its lighting between white, blue, red and green to compliment your cockpit.

Eurp_0709_07_z+re_q+head_unit_integrater Photo 5/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Re-Q head unit Integrator
Re-Q * MSRP: Website

With most new cars featuring integrated consoles and intricate shapes, most owners are forced to retain their factory radios, only to lose sound quality when connecting quality aftermarket speakers. Well fear not, because re-Q has introduced its re-Q Integrator that allows the continued use of factory features like steering wheel controls, iPod interfaces and OnStar, etc. More than simply retaining features, the re-Q negates factory circuits that cut treble and bass to preserve their tiny factory speakers; meaning you get rich sound while looking stock. What could be better?

Eurp_0709_08_z+power_system+ecu_connector Photo 6/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Power System
Power System * MSRP: Website

In the endless pursuit of power, Power System created a unit that's said to increase power and torque in modern automobiles. A compact plug 'n play device, it connects to the factory ECU. But instead of altering the OEM maps, the Power System intercepts the ECU signals sent to the injectors, it then optimizes the duration and pulse of the stock injectors. If that isn't enough, the unit is the size of a deck of cards. So hiding it from the competition should be a snap.

Eurp_0709_11_z+forza_2+game_cover Photo 7/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Forza Motorsport 2 for Xbox 360
Microsoft * MSRP: $59.99

Possibly the most authentic racing simulation available for the Xbox 360, Forza Motorsport 2 will keep you hooked for hours. The game features photo-realistic graphics, licensed tuning options and hundreds of cars, including VW, BMW, Porsche, Ferrari and more. Players have the ability to modify their cars with forced induction, engine swaps, different suspension setups, racing slicks and more. You can even adjust camber, tire pressure and gear ratios for more realism. And you can create custom paint and graphic schemes that can be applied to any vehicle or swapped online. So if you own an Xbox 360 and are into racing, you don't want to miss this stellar simulator.

Eurp_0709_10_z+volkswagen_gti+front_view Photo 8/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Elliott: Having played the original Forza on the Xbox, I knew the graphics on Forza 2 were going to be good, there would be plenty of cars and I'd have plenty of options to upgrade the car. I also knew if Forza 2 was like the original I'd play it for 10min, get frustrated and never play it again. But what started as me expecting to play for a short time turned into an eight-hour epic.

Forza 2 takes what's good about all current racing games and combines them into one huge excuse for me to call in sick so I can play games.

It's a truly realistic driving experience, but not to the point where you'll get frustrated. The traction control will kick in to keep you on track, but if you push too hard you'll spin.

Eurp_0709_09_z+volkswagen_gti+right_rear_view Photo 9/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

The real fun starts when you win enough credits to modify your car. The game allows all manner of tuning, including motor swaps. To top it off, you can race online and even sell cars you've built to other gamers.

In short, this is the best racing game I've ever played. There are so many options you'll never run out of things to modify or races to win. The only negative is a lack of notable European tuners. Thanks Forza 2, I now get three hours sleep each night, and a girlfriend who thinks I've turned into a videogame geek.

Eurp_0709_14_z+sprint_and_verizon+phone_navigator Photo 10/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Phone Navigator
Sprint and Verizon Wirless

If you have a Sprint phone, you won't get lost again, thanks to a collaboration with Mapquest. Available on many Sprint Sanyo phones, the service is an extra $4 a month and provides you with MapQuest maps and driving directions; more useful and cheaper than 411 directions available through other providers. Text directions can also be loaded to your phone. The phone will even display your location on the screen.

Meanwhile, Verizon customers can use theVZ Navigator software. Compatible with a number of Verizon phones, the subscription costs $9.99 per month, or $2.99 a day when visiting an unfamiliar city. It's easy to download to your phone and has relatively quick responses. Usage is intuitive, and the graphics are easy to read. Initial routing and rerouting time is satisfactory, while voice prompts happen just when you need them.

Eurp_0709_16_z+dezent_wheels+m_dubs Photo 11/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Dezent M Dubs
Dezent Wheels * MSRP: Website

Derived from their F-series wheels, the five-spoke M-series have a gloss finish and were created to look great under the heavy loads of larger Euros, SUVs and run-flat tires. Sizes range from 17-20" with widths stretching up to 9". Look fly and ride strong with these wheels that will accentuate just about any Euro's lines.

Eurp_0709_15_z+toyo_tires+proxes_r888 Photo 12/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Proxes R888
Toyo * MSRP: Website

Succeeding the legendary Proxes RA-1 tire, Toyo has released the new R888, geared toward amateur and professional racers. The tread has been improved to provide continuous contact for better traction and dry braking control. The shoulder areas are semi-slick and maximize surface contact during cornering for better traction and steering response. Wet traction isn't lost either, with a 6/32" tread depth and uni-directional V-shaped grooves, the R888 quickly dissipates water. The R888 is available in 17-19" sizes, with additional sizes scheduled for release in '08.

Eurp_0709_12_z+porsche_phone+side_view Photo 13/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Porsche Design
P9521 Phone
Porsche * MSRP: Website

The Porsche Design Group of Germany introduces its first mobile phone. It combines a sophisticated design with quality materials such as aluminum and mineral glass. The casing is milled from billet aluminum and a double-hinge enables the screen to rotate 180. This allows the phone to be used as a digital camera. The P9521 also features a fingerprint reader to identify the user, thus ensuring secure access to personal information. In addition, individual fingerprints can be assigned to particular numbers or phone functions. On top of that, a 3.2 mega-pixel camera, MP3 player, three speakers and the plethora of other features make this a badass phone.

Eurp_0709_13_z+piaa+bmw_angel_eye_bulbs Photo 14/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

BMW Angel-Eye
LED Bulbs
PIAA * MSRP: Website

Don't you hate it when the color of your bulbs don't match? For BMW owners, the factory angel-eyes (on models such as the E92 3-Series plus the E39 and E60 5-Series) utilize an incandescent yellow ring, which clashes with the bright Xenon headlamps. So PIAA has introduced a lighting solution to match both lights with a new bulb and socket assembly. The new unit gives off a 6500K bright-white glow that matches the HIDs.

Eurp_0709_18_z+turbosmart+electronic_boost_controller Photo 15/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Electronic Boost Controller
TurboSmart * MSRP: Starting at $599

Two years in the making, TurboSmart applied user feedback from previous models to create the updated e-Boost2 electronic boost controller. Chock full of additions, some note-worthy features include a new interface, color options and a clever Boost-On-Demand feature. With the push of a button, BOD allows users to select a given boost group for a certain length of time; perfect for overtaking that pesky truck holding you up.

Eurp_0709_19_z+quarker_state+motor_oil Photo 16/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Q HorsePower Oil
Quaker State * MSRP: $4.99 per quart

Did you know that around 50% of your engine's power is wasted in the battle to overcome friction? And since the internal combustion engine is so inefficient, we need all the help we can get to cut friction. Good thing the oil pros at Quaker State created the Q HorsePower motor oil. A mix of fully-synthetic ingredients, this slippery stuff is said to cut friction and wear, freeing up some ponies in the process. Available in most weights, Quaker State brings affordable premium oil to the masses.

Eurp_0709_20_z+nurburgring_and_vw_motorsports+right_front_view Photo 17/17   |   European Car Tuner News - Products And News

Nrburgring and VW Motorsport
Volkswagen Motorsport returned to one of the greatest races on earth, the Nrburgring 24-Hour. It entered two 300hp Golf GTI touring cars.

Both started life similar to regular production vehicles, but were transformed after four months of preparation by VW Motorsport. They were equipped with the 2.0T FSI engine and six-speed DSG gearbox. The exterior and interior were modified with race-proven parts, such as a widebody conversion, stripped interior, rollcage and lightweight parts.

In a field of 220 touring cars, one of the GTIs finished in a surprising eighth place, only 11 laps behind the winning Porsche team. Congratulations to VW for building the fastest 2.0 turbo car in the event, and for returning the GTI to motorsport.



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