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The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

The Latest News, Products And Rumors

Jan 1, 2008
Eurp_0801_03_z+january_2007_etuner_news+nitrous Photo 1/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Turbo-Specific Nitrous Kit
ZEX Nitrous Systems * MSRP: Website

While having a big turbo likely means big power, unfortunately the bigger the turbo, the worse the lag. So if you're growing grey hairs waiting for your turbo to spool, ZEX has the cure. Hot off the shelves is this turbo-specific nitrous kit that activates under wide-open throttle and can be programmed to shut off at the first hint of boost. Power ranges from 25-75hp and everything is safely monitored with the included electronics.

Eurp_0801_05_z+january_2007_etuner_news+shadow_shift_knob Photo 2/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Shadow Shift Knob
Momo * MSRP: $100

Pack some wood, metal or emerald in your car with the new Momo Shadow shift knobs available in green and metal finishes, as well as in genuine wood. Known for their first-rate products, Momo knobs work well and look good while doing it. If grabbing wood when you shift isn't good enough, they sell matching steering wheels to match and accentuate any of the shift knobs.

Eurp_0801_01_z+january_2007_etuner_news+quattro_watch Photo 3/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Quattro Valvole Watch
Meccaniche Veloci * MSRP: Website

The perfect blend of fashion and precision, the new Quattro Valvole watch from Meccaniche Veloci captures both the essence of time and the precision of the automobile. Carefully constructed of the same metal as racing pistons, each piece is hand-worked on a lathe to perfection. If exclusivity is what you're after, each style comes with genuine calf or gator straps, and is available in limited numbers of 500.

Eurp_0801_04_z+january_2007_etuner_news+st_gauges Photo 4/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Sport ST Gauges
Sunpro * MSRP: Website

Since it opened its doors over 30 years ago, Sunpro has been a trusted source for aftermarket gauges. They've come a long way since the early days, and keeping up with the times is the new Sport ST line of products. These cutting edge units feature through-dial lighting and come in black, white or red displays. Other features include both electric or bourdon tube metering, and gauges are available for everything from boost and oil pressure to EGT and transmission fluid temp.

Eurp_0801_02_z+january_2007_etuner_news+vw_eos Photo 5/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Rumor Has It

Dubbed a convertible for the gods, the VW Eos by AEZ Wheels is fitted with an aesthetic ensemble that includes 19" rims with 265-width tires out back, and a body kit that will blow your mind ( Did you know that the S in Audi S3 stands for "Stupid-fast?" Don't believe us? Well, Abt Sportsline claims its 310hp S3 is good for 0-62 in just 5.4sec and runs out at 160mph. Skating on 19" Abt wheels and wearing a body kit, the car looks amazing. And with suspension tuned by DTM cup drivers, it's likely this S3 will run circles around the best of them (

Eurp_0801_10_z+january_2007_etuner_news+sly_machines Photo 6/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Performance Carbon
Sly Machines * MSRP: Website

The crew at Sly Machines just made it a whole lot easier to get that carbon look on just about anything. Cheesy, these are not; they look just like carbon and can be cut and applied to most surfaces with their self-adhesive backing. Dress anything from your dash and interior to under your hood or down the fenders. And now they've taken it a step further by offering expanded colors that include red, blue, grey and, yes, even pink!

Eurp_0801_09_z+january_2007_etuner_news+exhaust2 Photo 7/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Euro Sport Mk5 Performance Exhaust
Euro Sport * MSRP: $399

Uncork your Mk5 and let it breathe with a performance cat-back exhaust system from Euro Sport and see just how much harder it pulls. The systems are top notch, constructed from stainless steel and come in a 2.5" diameter to let the turbo sing. Just to sweeten the deal, the system features dual 3" chrome tips, come with all necessary hardware and are backed by a five-year warranty!

Eurp_0801_07_z+january_2007_etuner_news+jaguar_xf Photo 8/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Rumor has it

The new Jaguar XF is slated to debut mid 2008 and will have one of the best factory sound systems ever produced. The in-car orchestra is conducted by a Bower and Wilkins (B&W) system with no less than 14 speakers and 440 watts of power. If that isn't enough, the system is constructed from the latest polymers and kevlar components to produce sound unlike anything before it.

Eurp_0801_06_z+january_2007_etuner_news+gaskets2 Photo 9/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

High-Temp Gaskets
Remflex * MSRP: Website

If you've ever had to replace an exhaust gasket, only to have it burn out a few months later because of its cheap construction, then you know it's a big pain. So Remflex has introduced gaskets made with ceramic materials that allow them to survive temps up to 3000 and are 50% crushable, meaning they can fill holes as big as 1/16". They're available for most Europeans cars and once they're torqued down, they won't need it again.

Eurp_0801_11_z+january_2007_etuner_news+ipod_mono Photo 10/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

O-pod Mono
OSIR * MSRP: Website

It has been said that quality is in the details, and it's parts like the OSIR O-pod Mono gauge pod for the Mk5 that will set you apart. Constructed from quality plastic and ready to pop in place, these pods look factory and will hold most small gauges like boost or AFR. If you're hunting for some gauge pods and want to walk to a different tune than the typical A-pillar mounts, look to OSIR for creative vent pods.

Eurp_0801_15_z+january_2007_etuner_news+m5_cold Photo 11/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

M5 Cold-Air Induction
Advanced Flow Engineering * MSRP: Starting at $682

While most mortals like us can't afford an M5, or any new Bimmer for that matter, it's nice to know people are looking to improve these great sedans. The new cold-air intake from aFe is claimed to net over 10hp and torque from the V10 monster by inhaling cooler air. In exchange for the M5's efficient airboxes are these high-flow open-element filters that are surrounded by heat shields to keep things cool.

Eurp_0801_16_z+january_2007_etuner_news+e92_bmw_3series Photo 12/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

E92 BMW 3-Series Body Kit
Extreme Dimensions * MSRP: $2499

The E92 3-Series has been such a hit that you might want to make yours stand out on the street. Fortunately, Extreme Dimensions has the fix with the introduction of its new seven-piece kit, which attempts to take the 3-Series to new heights. The kit includes bumpers and skirts, plus trunk- and roof wings, along with a new hood. Not the wavy fiberglass kits of old, these parts are made from durable polyurethane and are said to be cleaner and tougher than ever.

Eurp_0801_18_z+january_2007_etuner_news+voodoo_mojo2 Photo 13/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

VooDoo Mojo Quick Detailer
VooDoo Ride * MSRP: Website

Remove doodoo with VooDoo's Mojo Quick Detailer, which is said to remove dirt, grime and things like bird poop from your car's paint without scratching the finish. Nothing to be scared of, this stuff is a blend of polymers and synthetic compounds that treat just about any surface, both in- and outside your ride. (

Eurp_0801_13_z+january_2007_etuner_news+mk5_wagon Photo 14/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Rumor Has It

Want to know what we're all missing? Here's the Mk5 wagon, and if that isn't enough to make you cry, then consider that Eibach offers its Sportline and Prokit springs, along with its performance dampers and wheels spacers. Talk about a grocery getter ( BMW is all about zero carbon footprints with its Hydrogen-powered 7-Series. The cars are powered by a liquid hydrogen similar to NASA's rockets, and after an extended test session with NASA, it marks one step closer to production (

Eurp_0801_14_z+january_2007_etuner_news+turner_motorsports Photo 15/15   |   The Latest News, Products and Rumors - Etuner News

Turner Captures Championship

The Bimmer experts at Turner Motorsports took the '07 Grand-Am Koni Challenge ST Championship with their BMW 330i. In doing so, they also took the manufacturers' title for BMW. The team was consistently quick all year, and proved that even a sedan can hook corners and hit apexes with the best of them. The win, while significant, is just another feather in the cap of a team that's been pushing the limits of the Bavarian-built cars for years. Last year they took the GS and ST championship in the Grand Am series, and the World Challenge series back in '03 and '04. So here's to another victory in '08



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