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Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

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Feb 1, 2008

Recaro Child Seats
Recaro * MSRP: Website
Start them young with one of Recaro's new child-safety seats, engineered to be both safe and comfortable. The new line includes two designs for children 5-70 lb or up to eight years old, and two designs for children from 30-100 lb and up to 12 years old. Features include side impact protection, reinforced construction, adjustable headrest and five-point harnesses.

Eurp_0802_03_z+news_intel+audi_tt Photo 1/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Rumor has it
The power pros at HPA teamed up with Dunlop to create a 565hp '07 Audi TT that was named Best in Show and Best Euro Import by the makers of Gran Turismo at SEMA '07. The prize? The high-power TT and its sticky Dunlop Sport Maxx GT tires will be forever immortalized the upcoming Gran Turismo game. Count one for the Euro team ( Furthermore, James Wheeler of Plantation, FL and his '02 BMW M3 won $7500 in the Meguiar's NXT Amped Up competition at SEMA '07. Another win for the Euros (

Eurp_0802_04_z+news_intel+bmw_x5_clr Photo 2/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Lumma Design * MSRP: Website
As if the new X5 wasn't muscular enough, leave it to Lumma Design to take the bulldog SUV and turn it into a monster. The exterior receives a widebody treatment with a complete kit and your choice of three different 22" rollers. You can also get tuned suspension and huge brakes. The German tuner even has a 530hp engine conversion but we're not sure the US importers Strictly Foreign will be offering it.

Eurp_0802_05_z+news_intel+wringz_it_towel Photo 3/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Wringz-It Towel Wringer
Wringz-It * MSRP: $19.95
Wring it, don't fling it! Forget the wet hands and soaked shoes as you try to wring out your wet towels. Wringz-It claims its new hand-held wringer makes the once arduous process easy. This hand-held gizmo weights a scant 14oz, is made from durable ABS plastic and can wring towels up to 5sqft. The unit is easily portable and stows nicely in your trunk.

Eurp_0802_06_z+news_intel+starbucks_espresso_maker Photo 4/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

BMW/Starbucks Espresso Maker
BMW/Starbucks/Saeco * MSRP: Website
Forget the brown bean, look to the Bavarian bean for your early morning pick-me-up! BMW Design and Starbucks (along with Saeco) recently introduced a joint effort, an in-home espresso machine. Not just your average cup o' joe, this portafilter took over two years to design and was made to be functional for the java rookie, while offering features that will appease even the most seasoned coffee connoisseur. It's the perfect Bimmer blend and is available at select Starbucks stores, as well as online.

Eurp_0802_07_z+news_intel+bmw_concept_tii Photo 5/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

BMW Concept
1-Series tii
The spirit of the legendary BMW 2002tii has been reincarnated in this 1-Series concept. Lighter, faster and more aggressive, this sportier concept has several items that set it apart from the others. Most notably, the car has a complete aerodynamics kit, including front and rear valances, side skirts and flaps on the rear axle to increase downforce. Carbon also adorned the car, including the hood, front intake ducts and in the engine bay. Finally, striped decals were added to create a motorsport feel for the car without being too obtrusive.

Eurp_0802_08_z+news_intel+mk5_gti_cold_air Photo 6/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Cold-Air Intake
Air Flow Engineering * MSRP: Starting at $255
Now you can suck more than a Hoover with aFe's new cold-air intake for the 2.0T. Kick back, close your eyes and enjoy the extra suck the Stage 2 CX offers with its washable filter, one-piece heat shield and integrated MAF sensor pad. So grab a towel because not only does it look great, but it nets almost 10hp, which could translate into a happy, happy ending.

Eurp_0802_09_z+news_intel+volkswagen_rabbit_exhaust Photo 7/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

AWE VW Rabbit Exhaust
AWE Tuning * MSRP: $675
Add a muscular tone to your wimpy Mk5 Rabbit with AWE's new stainless steel cat-back exhaust systems. Believe it or not, the 2.5L five cylinder in the new Mk5s has a ferocious growl when properly uncorked. And to open its lungs, AWE introduces a 2.5" mandrel-bent system that includes double-walled construction, polished tips and T-bolt clamps. It's said to increase power by nearly 10hp. So your wascally wabbit will jump a wittle higher!

Eurp_0802_10_z+news_intel+awe_stainless_exhaust Photo 8/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Rumor has it
You're probably wondering why we often show you something you probably can't/will never will afford. Maybe it's wishful thinking, or we're just daydreaming, but pieces like AWE's stainless steel exhaust for the Porsche 997 GT3/RS are simply perfection. Engineered to be flawless, the new system boosts mid-range power, while raising the top end even further (as if it's needed). Think it's just hot air? AWE claims to have complete nearly 200 test runs on the dyno to prove the system works (

Eurp_0802_11_z+news_intel+ventus_v12_evo_k110 Photo 9/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Ventus V12 EVO K110 Tires
Hankook Tires * MSRP: Website
Hankook Tires introduced its new ultra-high-performance Ventus V12 EVO K110 tires chock full of the latest technology. These directional skins are Z-rated, come with sidewall aspect ratios from 25-50 and have features like a solid center track rib, Y-shaped and MTR linear grooves among the many features. If your rubber's dried out and used up, try these new covers for size.

Eurp_0802_12_z+news_intel+race_valve_spings Photo 10/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Eibach Race Valve Springs
Eibach Springs * MSRP: Website
Eibach is bouncing to a new level with its Race valve springs. Hopping out of the packaging and into your engine, these miniature coils are said to have survived 100 million cycles without trouble! Taking over where the Schmitthelm valve spring company left off, Eibach tests its springs beyond the standard engineering parameters and is in it to win it with the new line of valve springs for most applications.

Eurp_0802_13_z+news_intel+foglight_covers Photo 11/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Vented Foglight Covers
Osir Design - MSRP: $299
Still researching new ideas for your Mk5 GTI? Check out these foglight covers from Osir Design. They're fiberglass but feature a carbon look. Installation is as easy as screwing them on. Osir has several other new carbon parts for Mk5 chassis, so check their website.

Eurp_0802_14_z+news_intel+ac_schnitzer_land_speed_record Photo 12/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

AC Schnitzer Breaks Land Speed Record
Schnitzer recently placed another car in the 300km/h (186mph) club with its GP3.10 based on the E92 BMW 3-Series. Equipped with a heavily modified 552hp 5.0 V10 motor from the M5, the GP3.10 hit 318.1km/h (197mph), at the 13km Nardo track in Italy. According to Schnitzer, this makes their 3-Series the world's fastest vehicle fueled by liquid-gas.

Eurp_0802_16_z+news_intel+space_up_blue_concept Photo 13/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

VW Space Up! Blue concept
Heralded as the first car in the world with a high temperature fuel cell, this technology allows the Up! to be light and low priced. A total of 220 miles can be covered in the Up! Blue with the combination of hydrogen fuel and a 61hp electric motor. The motor is powered by twelve lithium-ion batteries, which can provide up to 65 miles on a full charge. The car is emissions-free and, with its rear-engine, rear-wheel drive setup, should provide fun for drivers and tuners if it ever reaches production - and our sources suggest it will!

Eurp_0802_17_z+news_intel+audi_a4 Photo 14/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Audi A4 Tail Lights
In.Pro * MSRP: Website
Update your "old" B6 A4 with a set of LED tail lights for the '00-05 Audi A4. Replace those dingy bulbs and faded plastic with a set of these LED clusters, and all your A4 friends will be jealous. Offered in different flavors, you can choose clear, red/clear or red/smoked to accentuate your exterior paint. In addition to illuminating faster than traditional incandescent bulbs, these LEDs should last the life of the car, making bulb changes a thing of the past.

Eurp_0802_18_z+news_intel+audi_tt_v3_coilovers Photo 15/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Audi TT V3 Coilovers
KW Suspension * MSRP: Website
As if the new Audi TT needed to handle better than it already does, KW has introduced its fully adjustable V3 coilover for the classy coupe. As the new TT proved in our Tuner GP (et 1/08), it's a force to be reckoned with and we can only imagine what these new coilovers will do for Audi's latest. Features include adjustable height drops from 5-30mm, while both rebound and compression adjustments are independent of each other.

Eurp_0802_19_z+news_intel+abt_concepts Photo 16/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

ABT Concepts
Unveiled at the '07 Essen Motor Show, Abt has developed three concepts bound to woo Audi owners. First is the AS5 built on the new S5. The coupe features two-tone paint with Abt aerodynamics. The kit includes front and rear valances, fender inserts and a rear spoiler. The car also features Abt's new 20" BR wheel. Further tuning is done to the 3.0 TDI motor, with 300hp and 443 lb-ft of torque available. The AS5 accelerates from 0-62mph in 5.3sec and has a top speed 164mph. For braking, Abt designed 380mm front brakes.

Eurp_0802_20_z+news_intel+second_concept Photo 17/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

The second concept is the AS4, based on the '08 B8 A4. It features similar body parts, including the valances, skirts, rear spoiler and fender inserts. They've also developed a tuning program to increase the power from virtually every European models, including the 1.8TFSI and diesel-powered 2.0TDI, 2.7TDI and 3.0TDI. Lowering springs, big brakes and wheels were also fitted to the concept car.

Eurp_0802_21_z+news_intel+abt_r8 Photo 18/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Finally, the Abt R8 is the headline grabber. You might have thought an R8 couldn't get any better, but Abt has added a carbon rear valance, side blades and skirts. There's also a front valance and rear wing to create a harmonious flow. The Abt R8 is equipped with 20x9" front and 20x11" rear wheels. Lowering springs and big brakes are the final touch.

Eurp_0802_22_z+news_intel+vw_rave Photo 19/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

VW Rave 270
VW's latest concept might surprise you. The new RaVe 270 is a cross between an R32 and Golf Variant (wagon). It's powered by a 266hp 3.2 liter VR6 and was built by VW Germany with a race and show theme in mind.

For performance, it uses an upgraded R32 motor, as well as its 4Motion drivetrain and DSG transmission. VW claims it can accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.8sec.

The exterior features new bumpers, front grille, side skirts, head- and tail lights plus mirrors. New 19" wheels were also fitted and it's been lowered 20mm over stock R32.

The interior is also impressive, with 1400W of audio power going to 13 speakers. There's also a navigation unit and two 12" monitors adorning the interior.

Eurp_0802_23_z+news_intel+porsche_land_speed Photo 20/20   |   Tuner News - Recaro Seats, ABT Concepts, and More

Porsche Land Speed Record
Although there's a Ferrari F40 striving for 225mph in this issue, European tuners are aiming for similar records using Porsche models. At the end of '04, 9ff in association with H&R built a Porsche GT3 in the hopes of breaking the 400km/h (248.5mph) barrier. It reached 388kmh (241.1mph) with an 840hp motor. However, the team has rebuilt the car to reduce the weight, moving the engine to the middle, swapping the suspension and retuning the motor before trying again for the record.

The new setup gives 987hp from its 4.2 liter twin-turbo, while the suspension features a pushrod rear setup with lightened front shocks. Special bearings were also installed for better steering response. Stay tuned for an update when the Porsche runs later this year.



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