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Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

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Mar 1, 2008
Eurp_0803_01_z+news+kw_suspension Photo 1/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

KW Suspension * MSRP: Website
Ask any Dubhead and they'll tell you, one of the first things you do to your VW is add a good set of sway bars. While the bars might not seem like much, add these puppies to your Mk5 and you'll be surprised just how flat it'll corner. So flat you'll step back to the days of training bras, pimples and zits; yeah, flat like that! More than just a performer, these KW bars come with the fitting hardware and are easy to install.

Eurp_0803_03_z+news+reventon Photo 2/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Rumor Has It
Like a scene out of an action movie, Lamborghini pitted its extraordinary limited edition Reventon supercar against an A200-A Tornado jet fighter from the Italian air force in a 3km race. From a standing start, the Lambo leapt ahead and held the lead until around 210mph, when the Tornado blew by to take the victory. Screw the loss, the Reventon still looks as good as anything should with a million dollar price tag. Check out the full story at

Eurp_0803_04_z+news+moben_big_brakes Photo 3/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Moben Big Brakes
Moben * MSRP: Website
Expanding your horizons one late-braking marker at a time, Moben now offers its latest big-brake kits for us Euro guys. These units are packing colossal eight-piston calipers, gargantuan rotors and are supplied as complete bolt-on kits. While strength is good, the calipers weigh a feathery 5 lb each and grab the equally lithe two-piece rotors. Slow your roll, save some weight and look good too!

Eurp_0803_05_z+news+nitrous_display_controller Photo 4/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Nitrous Display Controllers
Nitrous Express * MSRP: Starting at $375
Taking the tab out of oo... wait, that doesn't make sense. Taking the taboo out of nitrous is Nitrous Express with its latest generation control units. These gizmos display the amount of nitrous left in the bottle, your A/F ratio, bottle pressure and rpm, among other features. To sweeten the deal, these units will interrupt the nitrous supply if it detects lean or rich conditions. They can also be programmed to be load- and rpm-dependent, come with a shift-light or control your bottle heater too!

Eurp_0803_06_z+extrenal_wastegate Photo 5/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

External Wastegate
Turbosmart * MSRP: $289
Fissssssssh pishhhhhhhh - no, that's not the sound of a hot bean burrito fart; it's the air venting out of the new 38mm Turbosmart wastegate. More than just hot gas, these units are designed for track or street applications and offer forged stainless construction, an optimized flow path and a new, compact, lightweight design. But don't take our word for it; slap one on your turbo and rip wind!

Eurp_0803_07_z+news+dtm_championship Photo 6/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Rumor Has It
We were sent this incredible image in a Christmas message from Abt Sportsline in Germany. We liked it so much we asked permission to post it on our Wallpapers page on where you can download it for your computer desktop. The wintry scene depicts the '07 DTM championship-winning Red Bull Abt Sportsline Audi A4 of Mattias Ekstrm. You'll also find many other cool Euro wallpapers to download (

Eurp_0803_08_z+news+daytona_dark Photo 7/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Daytona Dark
Dotz * MSRP: Website
Anything but those funky little Dippin' Dots, Dotz Tuning Wheels is quickly coming up in the industry with its new line of high-performance wheels like these Daytona Darks. The 17" hoops are constructed of light yet sturdy aluminum and come finished in black with a polished and clearcoated lip.

Eurp_0803_09_z+news+competition_guages Photo 8/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Competition Gauges
Sunpro * MSRP: Website
The new Sunpro Competition EL gauges trap light and produce a vibrant display from their white faces with blue electroluminescent backlights. Updated to fit modern interiors, these gauges are slender enough to allow them to be mounted just about anywhere. Gauges include tachos, boost, oil pressure, A/F and volts, among other parameters.

Eurp_0803_10_z+news+royal_purple Photo 9/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Max Atf
Royal Purple * MSRP: Website
The makers of the purple wonder oil introduce the saving grace for your auto tranny. Think of it like Snapple for your transmission. This oil is said to cut friction and heat, adding life to your slushbox.

Eurp_0803_11_z+news+techart_formula_III Photo 10/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Techart Formula III
Techart * MSRP: Website
German tuners are finally getting it; forged wheels are strong and save weight. So Porsche tuner TechArt introduced its first forged wheel - the Formula III. Compared to its traditional cast wheels, such as the Formula II seen on the TechArt Cayman elsewhere in this issue, the one-piece Formula III weighs up to 20% less. The design of the wheel is also new for TechArt, and offers customers an alternative to its original five-spoke wheels. The Formula III will be available in 19" and 20" fitments for Porsche, but might look nice on a VW or Audi with a set of adapters

Eurp_0803_12_z+news+tuner_gp_gti Photo 11/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Rumor Has It
Regular readers will remember Tony Gilham from et 1/07. He flew in to drive the VF/GIAC GTI 2.0T in out Tuner GP. The British-based driver has since won the '07 VW Racing Cup Championship in Great Britain, driving his pink and green Regal Autosport GTI. He was the only driver to score points in all 12 races, finished no lower than 7th and set the pace for the whole season. And he did it with stateside help, including an AWE exhaust and GIAC software.

Eurp_0803_14_z+news+park_boy Photo 12/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Park Boy
In.Pro * MSRP: Website
Instead of backing up until you tap something,'s new Park Boy FSX informs you of danger before contact. This ingenious product can be added to an existing back-up unit or installed on a car without it. Specifics include audible and visual warnings before you back over the little old lady!

Eurp_0803_16_z+news+cool_compact_fans Photo 13/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Cool Compact Fans
Spal * MSRP: Website
Next time you're trying to keep your project car cool, remember Spal offers ultra-slim high-capacity electric fans that can squeeze just about anywhere and keep almost anything cool. The fans come in 9-16" sizes with either push or pull blades that can be curved or flat. No matter what you choose, you'll certainly be cool.

Rumor Has It
Nitto-sponsored Diffsonline won the 25 Hours of Thunderhill in December. The NT01-equipped E46 328i lapped the Thunderhill circuit 615 times - five times more than the second place finisher ( Look out M3, the 135i is looking to whoop some ass and take some names. If you thought the 335i was hot, take that motor and stuff it in a lighter chassis and stand well back. AC Schnitzer has taken the Coupe and given it an insane 360hp, a body kit, suspension and everything needed to intimidate the M3 (

Rumor Has It
We're not supposed to announce it until next month, but we're bursting at the seams with excitement over the Top Shop challenge we're embarking on with Castrol. The idea is to pit our chosen engine builder against those chosen by our sister publications. We selected 034Motorsport ( as our champion, and they're going up against a variety of Evo, Skyline and Honda motors from the import mags, plus a 28 liter V8 from one of the domestic titles. We're trying to keep the cards close to our chest on this one, but 034 is going to use a five cylinder Audi engine to blow away the competition. See our website ( for more details and be sure to pick up next month's issue for the official Top Shop launch.

Eurp_0803_19_z+news+e92_springs Photo 14/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

H&R E92 M3 Springs
H&R * MSRP: Website
German suspension specialist, H&R is already getting its hands dirty on the '08 BMW M3. They've developed sport springs to sharpen the handling and lower the ride height. The front is dropped 1" while the rear is lowered just 0.6" but it looks like an improvement. A full coilover system is also under development for future release.

Eurp_0803_21_z+news+smart_car Photo 15/15   |   Tuner News - Lamborghini Reventon

Lorinser Smart
Lorinser * MSRP: Website
With the Smart Car finally coming to the US (et 2/08), it's good to know tuners in Europe are already tuning them. Think smart, think Lorinser. Not a name you would normally associate with the shoe-box Smart Car, but Loriner wants to change that with its upcoming hot-rodded line of Smart Cars. There is engine tuning, as well as 17" rims, a widebody kit and a host of other goodies included. They've also worked to lighten the car to less than 1800 lb and improve the transmission.



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